Spiritland is a cafe, bar and radio studio in King’s Cross, and a shop in Mayfair, London, built around a deep love of music and the culture that surrounds it.

Spiritland was born out of a desire to engage with the music we love in the deepest possible way – to hear music as the artist intended, to connect with the emotions within and to be transported to a musical wonderland without compromise.

Spiritland King’s Cross is host to a world-class sound system – a unique creation playing original, in-depth musical programming day and night, seven days a week, along with talks, album launches and more. Spiritland is a paradise for any lover of music, from the aficionado to the curious.

The space is a café and workspace by day, and a cosy bar by night. The venue also contains Spiritland Sound Studio, a radio production suite where programmes and live broadcasts are regularly produced. To enquire, please contact the studio team here

Spiritland Headphone Bar in Mayfair is a small but perfectly formed shop selling the best headphones in the world, along with digital players and amplifiers for the ultimate listening experience. The Spiritland shop also sells amplifiers and digital players designed to hear music in unparalleled quality, side by side.

Spiritland. Come home to music.



The remarkable new Spiritland sound system plays all day, every day. Built without compromise, the Spiritland system is entirely bespoke – built by Living Voice and overseen by Kevin Scott. Living Voice represents the pinnacle of high-end audio, manufacturing speakers in their factory in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire.

It presents music in a clarity, definition and precision rarely heard, with valve amplification from Italian manufacturers Atelier du Triode, a unique rotary mixer from Isonoe, and a selection of audio sources.