Charlotte Hatherley


Composer and multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Hatherley joins us on the Wednesday night of our preview week to play the music closest to her heart - the deep and cosmic sounds of the synthesizer. Come and hear the past and see the future on the new Spiritland system with Charlotte at the controls.

Richard Norris


A Zelig-like figure in the world of electronic music, Richard Norris always manages to be in the right place at the right time. A more likely explanation is that he makes it happen around him. Thursday night finds him exploring his record collection for gems with a heavy nod to psychedelia.

Bill Brewster


Musical authority, journalist, record collector, surprisingly versatile cook and much-emulated DJ, Bill Brewster comes armed with a record collection and nuanced style that needs to be heard on a system of distinction. Expect excursions into deep funk, AOR and even some long-lost North London pub rock from Bill.

Nancy Noise


Nancy Noise is one of the UK’s true musical pioneers, whose passion and exquisite taste has fired up an untold number of dancefloors from UK to the White Isle and beyond, and laid down musical ley lines that will resonate forever. Come and hear her on her first excursion on the new Spiritland sound system on Saturday night.



We are delighted to be joined by the irrepressible, notorious Severino. Seve plays far beyond the dancefloor, stretching out deep into pop, jazz, italo and R'n'B. Please note this is a ticketed preview event.

Adventures In Paradise


Katie Barber and Michelle Kelly open our Saturday afternoon musical offering, magically turning day into night. A cold sharpener in hand is optional but highly recommended.

Patrick Forge


Patrick Forge is one of the UK's leading musical authorities with a deep London heritage stretching back to Dingwalls, the glory days of Kiss FM and Soho's perennial digger's spot, Reckless Records. With tastebuds that reach out into jazz, AOR, OSTs and highly-polished funk, we are delighted to welcome Patrick to Spiritland. Early entry is advised.

Donna Leake and Mafalda


Sunday selectors Donna and Mafalda bring their spiritual vibe to Sunday afternoon, with a five hour session starting at Midday. Expect cosmic sounds, global rhythms, contemplative music and the rarest records this side of the canal.

Piers Soft Rocks


With a record collection that stretches out far into the wilder reaches of jazz-fusion, proto-house, wonky dub, new beat and ambient music, we are delighted to welcome Piers along to our Sunday night listening session.

Kirk Degiorgio


Kirk Degiorgio's musical expertise spans deep electronica, highly polished jazz-funk, blistering techno, immaculate AOR and more under numerous aliases. He joins us to put the system to work on a range of music from his extensive collection.

Pete Gofton


As part of DJ duo Tanzmusik, Pete Gofton plays everything from Krautrock to Library Pop, French Prog to Greek Psych to Welsh Doom Folk, and all points in between for late night music lovers.

Doug Shipton


Finders Keepers hombre Doug Shipton is at the controls on our superbusy Wednesday night, playing electronic sounds, progressive music and funky happenings from 7pm.

Andrew Weatherall – Music’s Not For Everyone


Mr Andrew Weatherall joins us for a Wednesday night excursion into the unknown as he explores contemporary indie, dub, rockabilly, post-punk and anything else that tickles his fancy on the Spiritland soundsystem. Early entrance is advised.

Jonny Rock


Forever one step ahead of the curve. Come and join Jonny for a night of cosmic melodies, deep rhythms and groovy rarities from the Bosphorus and beyond.

Nick The Record


To hear Nick The Record play music is an exquisitely painful pleasure, mixing the joy of his selections with the agony of knowing that you are unlikely to ever find (or afford) the gems he's accumulated on his global travels.

Jeff Barrett & Carl Gosling


Take in a refreshing breakfast wine, round up the young people and join Jeff and Carl for a musical journey taking in jangly indie, spacious dub and gentle Americana from 10am to 3pm.

Jolyon Green


Jolyon Green has ploughed a particularly distinctive and blissful musical path touching on all things both meditative and breezy. Music for the soul, from day into night.

Elle Andrews


Elle Andrews takes control on Saturday night from 9pm until late. Unpacking her cosmic record bag in search of truth, meaning and the immaculate beat, come and hear why we dig Elle so much at Spiritland.

Jack Sellen


Jack plays gentle music for elegantly Sunday loafing - country rock, groovy folk, mellow psych, deep soul and more from 10am until 3pm



Aficionado start their monthly Spiritland residency here, with a six hour session from 3pm. We are delighted to welcome Moonboots and Jason Boardman as they bring the sound of the White Isle via Manchester to King's Cross.

Alexis Taylor


Alexis Taylor's distinctive voice and songwriting have shaped Hot Chip's imaginative deconstruction of pop music over the last fifteen years. He has also released more contemplative music as part of About Group on his three progressively personal solo albums. Hear him go deep on a Monday night.

Rob Smoughton


The baton is passed from Alexis Taylor to bandmate Rob Smoughton, whose Black Peaches project has soundtracked our summer. Come and join him on Tuesday night for an earthy mix of country rock, voodoo blues and music for the soul.

Tayo and Frank’s Secret Rendezvous


Turn out the lights, light a candle and get double teamed by Tayo and Frank Tope, coming together for a night of slow jams, quiet storm, 2-step soul and extended 12”s.

Ian Dewhirst’s Mastercuts Without Boundaries


With 45 years at the sharp end of dance music, and an untouchable heritage in music that stretches back to a residency at the Wigan Casino during the golden age of Northern Soul, Ian is one of the UK’s premier musical authorities, also creating the influential 'Mastercuts' series. Ian explores his collection throughout his monthly residency at Spiritland, touching on pretty much the complete spectrum of black and dance music from 1965 to 1990.

Kenneth Bager


The king of Copenhagen’s leftfield music scene, Kenneth Bager has always pushed the envelope of modern balearic-tinged music. Flying in for a debut session at Spiritland, come and hear the sound of Music For Dreams on a system that does justice to his selections.