Maxwell Pastor


Maxwell Pastor is the man behind Digger's Dozen, a supremely simple concept - a group of heavyweight record collectors play their dozen favourite records - no reissues, no compilations - that's it. Maxwell joins us to play Boogie to Bollywood, Afrobeat to Cosmic and other supreme sounds from his own collection.



East London's DJ Dellores brings the more eclectic side of her immense vinyl collection to Spiritland for the first time, playing an often ambient, sometimes groovy and always exploratory mix of African, electro, and funk, sprinkled with more than a few surprises.

Rhythm Doctor


Quite possibly one of the country's longest serving club DJs, Chris Rhythm Doctor cut his teeth on the punk and dub scene in Coventry in the 1970s, before taking house, boogie, funk and more to London and beyond throughout the 80s. Now based in Tallinn, Estonia, he joins us for a rare London set for his return to Spiritland.

Sal P


It's almost impossible to overstate Salvatore Principato's influence on dance music. As the vocalist for seminal punk funk band Liquid Liquid, his music has inspired artists from Grandmaster Flash to LCD Soundsystem. Meanwhile, as a DJ he's as intrepid, imaginative and groovy as they come.

Micky Browne


South coast DJ and radio jock Micky heads to Spiritland with a record bag full of the best in downtempo, Balearic and blissed-out gems for this afternoon session.

WOLF Music & Medlar


WOLF Music is a London based record label and collective specialising in house but drawing influences from a wide spectrum of musical styles including soul, jazz, brazilian and dub - they're joined by the artist Medlar from the label.

Phil Cooper


Our friend Phil touches down at Spiritland once again for an afternoon of lush balearica and laidback sunshine grooves.

Derek’s Island Discs with Count Skylarkin


Count Skylarkin' shared numerous DJ booths, dancefloors and pints with his friend and mentor, the much missed DJ Derek. Derek's family has left the Count a priceless and precious memento - the entirety of his music collection on MiniDisc. These discs have travelled the country, igniting dancefloors and shebeens for years, filled with reggae, dub, ska, rock & roll, swing, jive and more. Count Skylarkin' will be playing them and talking about the legacy of Derek's life, from 5pm.

Ned Doheny DJ set


That's right - the smooth sound of Malibu comes to King's Cross as Ned Doheny himself drops in to Spiritland to play some of the music that's inspired him though his musical journey. Expect AOR, soul, funk and more.

James Endeacott


James Endeacott is known for being constantly one step ahead of the curve in the music industry. Come and hear him play dub, psych, glam and more on a lively Tuesday night at Spiritland. 

Jagger & John Spencer


Many throw the word 'tastemaker' about - Jagger Ball is one of London's prime musical and fashion movers. Come and hear the mellower end of his record collection at Spiritland, along with compadre John Spencer.



Leonidas makes his welcome return to the Spiritland sound system. His music collection stretches far and wide so expect many unknown treats.

Gop Tun


Notorious Brazilian party crew Gop Tun drop in from São Paulo to bring their take on funk, disco and house.

Justin Quirk


DJ and writer Justin Quirk is on Saturday afternoon warm up duties, turning evening into night with dub, electronica and EU-friendly leftfield pop.

Graeme Fisher


Graeme Fisher joins us at Spiritland for the first time with a supremely lush selection of music inspired by the White Isle and beyond.

Musica Macondo & Friends


Tim Garcia is the creative force behind Música Macondo, a website focusing on Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin and West African sounds. He's joined by some of his closest DJ pals to who'll bring their global worldview to Spiritland - an ever-changing shape of music from around the world; its roots, sounds, and influences.

Rev. Milo


No one brings more joy to a DJ set than the Reverend Milo. Come and hear a totally unexpected and refreshing selection on his Spiritland debut on a Monday night.

Anne Frankenstein


Anne Frankenstein is a full-time, strictly vinyl DJ with a collection that goes deep into funk, soul, jazz, afrobeat, exotica, disco and early rap. Come and check the steez.

Ian Dewhirst’s Mastercuts Without Boundaries


With 45 years at the sharp end of dance music, and an untouchable heritage in music that stretches back to a residency at the Wigan Casino during the golden age of Northern Soul, Ian is one of the UK’s premier musical authorities, also creating the influential 'Mastercuts' series. Ian explores his collection throughout his bi-monthly residency at Spiritland, touching on pretty much the complete spectrum of black and dance music from 1965 to 1990.

Reference Point


Mark ‘Good Vibes’ Taylor and fellow music obsessive George Arthur return to Spiritland for an evening session of rare latin, jazz, AOR and Americana.

Simon Richardson


Radio DJ and vinyl obsessive Simon steps up to share his passion for well crafted electronica and other leftfield gems.

Sally Rodgers & Kate Holland


Two of the funkiest forces in the musical universe combine to create magic at Spiritland for one night only. Sally (A Man Called Adam) and Spiritland regular Kate mine their record collection for black gold.

Katie Barber


Katie's downtempo and wildly eclectic sessions are fast becoming legendary at Spiritland. Come on down treat your ears.

Pete On the Corner


Pete Buckenham digs deeper than most with his releases on On The Corner Records. Sourcing music from the Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and often further afield, he presents a bold and vital take on music from around the world.

Nadav Ravid


Nadav Ravid is one of the key tastemakers in Tel Aviv's thriving musical scene, as a DJ, producer, promoter and now head of the influential GLGLZ radio station. Come and join him for a very rare DJ set on a London trip.



Almo - Alex to his friends - is our kind of DJ. Selecting nothing but classy tracks from a diverse range of music, it's what Tuesday nights at Spiritland were made for.

Jack Pepper


Jack Pepper takes a break from holding it down at Flashback Records to bring the cream of his collection to Spiritland. Afro, latin, jazz, rare groove and more are all on the menu.

Aiden d’Araujo


Aiden d'Araujo knows a good tune when he hears one. Come and hear what he's picked up on his many digging excursions.

Mark Limb


Mark Limb from The Electric Disco makes his Spiritland debut.

Danilo Braca


NYC's Danilo Braca jets in for an afternoon filled with killer soul and all manner of funky stuff.

Joe Morris


With releases on Balearic Social, Melodica and IsitBalearic Recordings and Archeo Recordings, Joe Morris definitely feels like part of the family. We welcome his return to Spiritland for this Saturday night session.

Dom Servini


The Wah Wah 45s main man Dom Servini delivers a soothing and soulful Sunday selection here at Spiritland.

Chris Philips & Kyri: 30 Years of Sign ‘O’ The Times


1987: one year after Parade, one year before Lovesexy, Sign o' The Times was Prince's ninth album and a sprawling psychedelic masterpiece, drawing on funk, soul, pop and rock across two discs. Chris Phillips and Kyri celebrate both the album and the never-ending legacy of Prince on a Sunday night.

Magnetic Soul


Steve Brockerton is a DJ and record collector with twenty years under the belt, reconstructing obscure disco, soul and balearic oddities as Magnetic Soul. Get involved.

Andy Bainbridge & Renata Maris


Andy Bainbridge & Renata Maris join us at Spiritland for an evening of deep crate digging and tropical grooves. The good times start at 8pm sharp.

Boogie Cafe DJs


Jimmy The Twin & Alex from Boogie Cafe Records represent Bristol in their first appearance at Spiritland with a selection of boogie, disco, funk and more.