Andy Devine


York's finest heads south for an afternoon session of vinyl goodness. A laid-back feel good session is guaranteed.

Jolyon Green


Top notch selector and all round good egg Jolyon Green steps up for a Sunday night session that will be a treat for the ears. If you can, you definitely should.

Dan Bean


Good friend of Spiritland Dan checks in with the mellowest of Sunday evening selections.

Michelle Kelly


Michelle Kelly comes armed with a record bag of immaculate selections tonight: downtempo, mid tempo, uptempo and always supremely satisfying and melodic in nature.

Sasa (In Flagranti)


We are joined by the inimitable Sasa Crnobrnja from Swiss duo In Flagranti, who along with production and DJ partner Alex Gloor has created some of the grooviest dancefloor music in recent years, with a heavy Italo influence. His record collection is also suitable intense. Come and hear the good stuff at his Spiritland debut.

Chris Coco


The downtempo master returns to Spiritland for a mellow Monday evening listening session taking in all things electronic, acoustic and relaxed.

Dean ‘Sunshine’ Smith


Dean Smith is the man behind the Birmingham-based event The Great Outdoors, as well as the pioneering label Soulshare Records. He's also a serious digger - come and hear what's doing it for him at the moment on this Saturday session.

Elle Andrews


Spiritland favourite Elle drops by to deliver one of her trademark Monday night vinyl selections.