Nick J Smith


Hailing from Leeds, Nick has been involved in the city’s underground music scene for over 15 years. He's a founding member of Clandestino, a trio of DJs and producers who have their own record label and radio show. They've consistently been at the forefront of the city’s music scene which has led to gigs up and down the UK and across Europe taking in Dublin, Barcelona, Croatia, Moscow, Paris and more recently at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza.

Producing his own music, Nick has enjoyed releases on Is It Balearic? Recordings, Red Laser, Mora Music and Spirit Soul Music, with two releases forthcoming on Balearic Records and NuNorthern Soul.

Nick’s vibe is centred around a musical connection with the soul, ranging from influences via balearica, ambient, African, dub, house and disco – often opting for more obscure and emotive selections.

Damon Martin


The Disco Bloodbath selector comes back with a selection of disco, funk, analogue house music and so much more.

Dan Tenor-City & Tom Funk


Dan and Tom return bringing disco, funk, soul, latin jazz and much more.

Dan can be found DJing at various venues at home and overseas. He spins a collection of criss-cross rhythms: originals, re-edits and remixes, in styles ranging from, synth and West Coast boogie, heady funk, afro-, funk rock, fusion, to house, soul, and first and second generation disco. Dan is also part of Deep Tenor City, with a number of releases through BBE Records and a monthly show on Soho Radio. Dan is also part of the Prescription Pricing Authority, with releases on Stockholm’s GAMM record label.

Tom Funk has his musical roots in playing keyboards and production, playing from a vast music collection ranging from hip hop to jazz, all the way through to electronic and experimental, rock and reggae. He also runs a full-fledged recording studio that serves as the hub of his homegrown London-based label, Lazy Robot Records, and has numerous productions to his name, including as part of Prescription Pricing Authority also.

Minus Kendal


An old head on young shoulders, weekend resident Minus returns for another session of his residency.

A weekend worker at Flashback Records and host of his own monthly radio shows on NTS and Balamii, Minus is a natural cratedigger, to be found playing anything from gospel to krautrock, disco and all stops in between.

Anne Frankenstein


One of our favourite DJs, and one of the finest on the London circuit.

A resident at Spiritland, her strictly-vinyl sets typically feature unfathomably deep selections of disco, funk, soul, jazz, afrobeat and late-night exotica.