Chris Goss (Hospital Records)


Chris Goss from Hospital Records joins us on a Saturday night. Co-founder of Hospital Records, one of the pioneering forces in drum & bass, he joins us for a genre-defying evening of music. He likes vinyl in particular as it makes him feel better about life.



Groovy sounds from LDLDN, playing space jazz, electronic funk, synth jams and anything else that tickles the ear.

Mixmaster Morris


Our monthly resident is the ambient guru Mixmaster Morris. Come and take a trip into deep space territory.

Hilit Kolet


Hilit Kolet joins us once more for a Friday night ride into groovy territory.

Bill Brewster


Lord of the dance, king of the mountain and disco deity Bill Brewster does his thing on Saturday night for your listening pleasure.

DJ Food


Strictly Kev did such an incredible job last time around we were compelled to get him back in as soon as possible. Come and feel the magic on a Sunday night.

Andy Pye


The Balearic Social main man effortlessly blends afternoon into night with a record bag full of gold from 4.30pm.

Kenneth Bager


Another flying visit from Music For Dreams main man Kenneth Bager. Expect blissful music from start to finish from the Copenhagen don.

A Man Called Adam


Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones bring the sound of A Man Called Adam to Spiritland for the first time. Expect them to make full use of the system and get busy with their synths and our Revox.