Luke Solomon


Luke Solomon is one of the pioneering forces in forward-thinking dance music, constantly evolving and unafraid to take risks. We're delighted to welcome him to Spiritland for a left-of-centre selection.

Max Tundra


Enter the world of Max Tundra with a polite notice - things may not feel the same afterwards. Unclassifiable music, futuristic pop and uncommonly emotional selections await.

Chuggy & Marion Guillet


Chuggy is the creative force behind no less than four very special and unique labels, Emotional Rescue, Emotional Response, Especial and Sacred Summits. He's joined by the Paris-based DJ and illustrator Marion Guillet for this session.

Aidy West


If you know about Aidy, you’ll know he’s a DJ and record dealer of some distinction, running the show at Vinyl Underground in Northampton. If you don’t know about Aidy, get to know on his Spiritland debut.

Kenneth Bager


Another flying visit from Music For Dreams main man Kenneth Bager. Expect blissful music from start to finish from the Copenhagen don.