Sal P


It's almost impossible to overstate Salvatore Principato's influence on dance music. As the vocalist for seminal punk funk band Liquid Liquid, his music has inspired artists from Grandmaster Flash to LCD Soundsystem. Meanwhile, as a DJ he's as intrepid, imaginative and groovy as they come.

WOLF Music & Medlar


WOLF Music is a London based record label and collective specialising in house but drawing influences from a wide spectrum of musical styles including soul, jazz, brazilian and dub - they're joined by the artist Medlar from the label.

James Endeacott


James Endeacott is known for being constantly one step ahead of the curve in the music industry. Come and hear him play dub, psych, glam and more on a lively Tuesday night at Spiritland. 

Justin Quirk


DJ and writer Justin Quirk is on Saturday afternoon warm up duties, turning evening into night with dub, electronica and EU-friendly leftfield pop.

Simon Richardson


Radio DJ and vinyl obsessive Simon steps up to share his passion for well crafted electronica and other leftfield gems.

Sally Rodgers & Kate Holland


Two of the funkiest forces in the musical universe combine to create magic at Spiritland for one night only. Sally (A Man Called Adam) and Spiritland regular Kate mine their record collection for black gold.

Nadav Ravid


Nadav Ravid is one of the key tastemakers in Tel Aviv's thriving musical scene, as a DJ, producer, promoter and now head of the influential GLGLZ radio station. Come and join him for a very rare DJ set on a London trip.

Aiden d’Araujo


Aiden d'Araujo knows a good tune when he hears one. Come and hear what he's picked up on his many digging excursions.

Mark Limb


Mark Limb from The Electric Disco makes his Spiritland debut.

Joe Morris


With releases on Balearic Social, Melodica and IsitBalearic Recordings and Archeo Recordings, Joe Morris definitely feels like part of the family. We welcome his return to Spiritland for this Saturday night session.