Spiritland Legends: Kraftwerk – Hosted by John Doran


Quite simply the most influential electronic band of all time, Kraftwerk created musical echoes which continue to resonate around the world in techno, house, electro, ambient, psych and pop.

Journalist, author, DJ and Kraftwerk obsessive John Doran is your host for a night of nothing but Kraftwerk, ringing out loud and proud on the Spiritland soundsystem all night long.

Charles Webster


DJ, producer and label boss Charles Webster is synonymous with superbly crafted, deeply melodic electronic music on labels including Remote, Love From San Francisco and his current project Miso Records. On Saturday night at Spiritland he shares his lifelong passion for finding the perfect groove.

Flo Dill


If you're a fan of Flo's superb NTS radio shows - which we are - you'll understand why we're absolutely chuffed to have her along for an evening of truly open-minded record spinning. Arrive early for this one as we're anticipating a roadblock.

Aidy West


If you know about Aidy, you’ll know he’s a DJ and record dealer of some distinction, running the show at Vinyl Underground in Northampton. If you don’t know about Aidy, get to know during this Sunday evening Spiritland session.