Black Wax Solution


A journey into deep and jazzy territory awaits with Black Wax Solution at the Spiritland controls for this Sunday afternoon into evening session.

Matthew Halsall (Gondwana Records)


Matthew Halsall is one of the UK's leading figures in jazz. As a composer, producer, trumpeter, DJ and founder of Gondwana Records, Matthew has become a cultural catalyst for modern music, combining his love of spiritual jazz, deep electronica and crafted songwriting across a series of albums.

We're delighted to welcome him to Spiritland for a monthly residency where he'll be exploring his musical world in depth and breadth.



Man of many musical talents Leonidas graces the Spiritland decks once again. Jazz, Gospel, music with soul. It's all here.



Saturday afternoon good times are guaranteed as Spiritland weekend resident jock Miché steps up to brings us his latest vinyl acquisitions sourced from far and wide.

Anne Frankenstein


Anne's all about the classy vibes and she's back at the Spiritland controls to deliver another of her trademark Sunday sets.



Emmanuel Dalton aka Sumosui is a global music researcher, vinyl trader and DJ. His unflinching dedication to the unearthing and acquisition of aural splendour is unceasing. Returned from Africa to begin his European summer tour, we're delighted to host Emmanuel for this special evening of Afro tropical electronica, Balearic percussive soundscapes and assorted global vinyl treasures.

Vesa Liede


Spiritland weekend resident jock Vesa steps up for another of his trademark groovy sessions. It's the perfect afternoon into evening soundtrack.

Ricardo Paris


Weekend resident selector Ricardo takes us from afternoon into evening with a seamless blend of jazz, soul, gospel and world class global grooves.

Good Block


Andrew and Richard Good Block have been running classy events across the capital for countless years and have guested at many of Europe’s finest radio stations, festivals and clubs. Synth, soul and electronic music in all it's forms will go down for this Saturday night session.



Almo's Sunday Spiritland sessions always deliver and there's no better way to spend a laidback afternoon with family & friends.