Matthew Halsall (Gondwana Records)


Matthew Halsall is one of the UK's leading figures in jazz. As a composer, producer, trumpeter, DJ and founder of Gondwana Records, Matthew has become a cultural catalyst for modern music, combining his love of spiritual jazz, deep electronica and crafted songwriting across a series of albums.

His Spiritland monthly residency continues where he'll be exploring his musical world in breadth and depth.



R2 Records label head honcho and master selector of twenty-five years' experience Kyri is one of our favourite DJs and we're thrilled that he's back to deliver another of his trademark Friday night Spiritland selections.

If anything like last time, Kyri's Spiritland set will draw on a wide spectrum of soulful boogie, house influences, disco, jazz and funk.

Nik Weston


Mukatsuku Records is the UK's premier reissue label bringing long lost vinyl gems back into circulation, and Nik Weston is the man that makes it all happen.

We're delighted that he once again brings his record box of worldwide jazz, funk and soul wonders for this Saturday night session.



Harvinder brings his truly global and always entertaining outernational sounds to Spiritland for this Tuesday night listening session. Harv is very much the connoisseur's choice.

Dom Servini


The Wah Wah 45s head honcho Dom Servini delivers a Monday night genre-spanning selection as only he can.

Putting the love and detail back into soul, funk and reggae music with tight productions, crisp pressings and beautiful artwork, his label's taste is a perfect match for Spiritland.

Vincent Cantelaube


A much loved member of the Spiritland team, Vincent lives and breathes quality music when he's not cooking up a storm here. Percussive global grooves sourced from far and wide are at the top his musical menu.



Having cut her teeth at one of London’s finest record stores, Sounds Of The Universe, and graduating with an ethnomusicology degree from SOAS, Poly-Ritmo has a musical knowledge way beyond her years. Expect jazz, Brazilian, Latin, soul and more from Polly.

Josh Tautz & Koralek


Josh & Jake from universally respected record label Far Out Recordings are here for their Spiritland debut. The guys will deliver global grooves and hard to find beats from their incredible catalogue and beyond, all evening long.

Maxwell Pastor


Digging deeper than deep is what Maxwell is all about. The man who started the engaging Diggers Dozen series, the vinyl gems that he unearths are what makes his selections so special. Listen out for rare caribbean grooves in particular.

Joe Muggs


DJ, journalist, critic and lifelong music obsessive Joe digs deep into his enviable and wildly varied music collection for a many-bases-covered Wednesday night. Order a cocktail, turn on autoshazam, sit back and enjoy the company of a master selector at work.

Seven People


Globetrotting DJ and producer Lorenzo-Giulio Morresi, aka Seven People, returns for a Friday night session of all things jazz, cosmic, cinematic & electronic.

DJ Okapi


Based in Maboneng, downtown Johannesburg, Okapi runs the record store and reissue label Afrosynth Records.

He has also co-compiled collections of South African music for Rush Hour, Soundway and Cultures of Soul, so this promises to be a very special evening of syncopated drum work, rhythm and bass.

David Triana


A familiar face at Spiritland, our Colombiano friend David – of thumping house label Downpitch Recordings – returns to the Spiritland sound system for a Saturday night session of worldwide beats, with a natural focus on the latin sounds of his homelands.