Reference Point


Mark "Good Vibes' Taylor and George Arthur are our go-to DJs for a genre-spanning Saturday afternoon into evening groove. Come hear their style at Spiritland.

Epic Vinyls From Brazil


A truly epic selection of bossa, tropicalia, funky samba, soul, funk and Brazilian boogie is our Saturday night at Spiritland, courtesy of the Epic Vinyls From Brazil crew.



The sharpest dressed cat around, Jean-Claude is the creative force behind If Music on D'Arblay Street, and one helluva DJ with it. Come hear his Friday night style at Spiritland.

Chris Goss (Hospital Records)


Chris Goss from Hospital Records makes an overdue return to Spiritland on a Saturday night. Co-founder of Hospital Records, and one of the pioneering forces in drum & bass, he joins us for another genre-defying evening of music.



Martin Iveson is Atjazz, a name synonymous with the highest level of production where house and techno meet jazz and soul. For over two decades he has honed the Atjazz sound to perfection on his own releases, remixes and collaborations as well as a non-stop schedule of blistering DJ sets. We're delighted to welcome him to Spiritland.

Leon Ricciardi


A Saturday afternoon treat for the ears is in store from Jazzology's Leon Ricciardi.

Mark Greenfield


A familiar face at Spiritland, Mark Greenfield is a DJ and selector of distinction. His selections are tailor-made for our Sunday afternoon.

Iko Chérie


An evening of fun, groovy and always classy vinyl delights awaits with Iko Chérie at the controls.

Anne Frankenstein


It's a strictly vinyl groove all evening long when Anne's at the Spiritland controls. Come here her deeply funky style on this Tuesday night session.

Andy Bainbridge & Renata Maris


Andy & Renata's extended vinyl only sets are all about the groove. Their carefully crafted sessions are what Thursday nights at Spiritland are all about.

Hilit Kolet & Santos Barakos


Hilit Kolet teams up with long-time friend and Tel Aviv’s disco king, Santos Barakos. Obscure balearic, disco jams, and a whole lotta funky stuff will all go down. The weekend starts right here.

Ricardo Paris


Spiritland regular selector Ricardo is all about the groove. And there is no better DJ to soundtrack our Sunday brunch session at Spiritland.

Marko Pavlovic


Marko Pavlovic is the creative force behind the Southern Soul Festival in Montenegro, and a killer selector in his own right. Expect an eclectic set of influences varying from world, jazz, soul and music from Africa.

Les Jazz Rats


A lifetime of sourcing only the best in deep jazzy beats comes to fruition for Les Jazz Rats as they make their Spiritland debut on this Tuesday night session.

Will Hofbauer


An ultra-groovy Friday session is in store with familiar face around Spiritland Will Hofbauer taking care of the evening's soundtrack.

Cherish Kaya


Cherish has exquisite taste and top selecting skills to go with it, so we're chuffed to have her at the Spiritland controls for this Saturday session.