Anne Frankenstein


Anne is one of our favourite DJs, and one of the finest on the London circuit.

A resident at Spiritland, her strictly-vinyl sets typically feature unfathomably deep selections of disco, funk, soul, jazz, afrobeat and late-night exotica.

Flying Mojito Bros


Two disco bandoleros pioneering their own route through the great electronic wilderness.

With their boots firmly planted in dusty seventies sunsets, their panamerican productions take cosmic country funk to club and festival dancefloors via NYC latin disco and baggy acid house.

Think the first summer of love meeting the second – Crosby, Stills and Nash at the Haçienda, The Doors at Shoom, The Orb at Woodstock.

At Spiritland, they'll be carving a path between the country and latino forms of soul, funk and disco.

Citizen Helene


Citizen Helene is a musician and DJ from London. Her broad-ranging sets span easy disco, boogie, funk, AOR, jazz and more. Probably a sprinkle of emotional pop music too.

In addition to DJing, Helene is a musician and long-term collaborator with artist Mary Epworth, providing synths, backing vocals, percussion and guitar in her live band.

She's played records at various London venues including at a sold out LCD Soundsystem show at Alexandra Palace last year, in addition to several UK music festivals, such as Field Day, Port Eliot and Green Man.

Rhythm Doctor


Simply put, Rhythm Doctor is a supreme DJ. His knowledge and passion for classy music is second to none and it's backed up with the skill to effortlessly blend those beautiful grooves into a wonderful evening of sounds. This session is not to be missed.

Quite possibly one of the country's longest-serving club DJs, Chris began on the 1970s Midlands punk/dub scene, before taking house, boogie, funk and more to London and beyond throughout the 1980s. Now based in Tallinn, Estonia, he joins us for another rare appearance.

Eliza Rose


Eliza Rose brings her unique sound to Spiritland once again. If you caught her debut session back in May, you'll know why we're delighted to have her back at the controls for this Friday night session.

A heavyweight record collector with a show on Balamii radio and roots in Flashback Records, Eliza Rose will bring more of her very best funk, soul, jazz and disco sounds.

Siofra McComb


Wayfaring DJ Siofra McComb has lived in Rotterdam, London and now Berlin, hand-picking records from the many prime shops therein to play to discerning ears across the continent.

With a strong jazz sensibility, Siofra selects her tunes with care and consideration, demonstrating a penchant for the smooth, the sultry and – above all – the spiritual.

Rebecca Vasmant


Renowned Glaswegian promoter, DJ and broadcaster Rebecca Vasmant's jazz-infused sets have taken her to many of the coolest and most exciting clubs and festivals that Europe has to offer, so this Friday night session promised to be a pretty special one.

Alex Bradley (The Utopia Project)


Tailor, designer, artist, DJ, founder of The Utopia Project and The Love Fever Discotheque Alex Bradley passes through for a night of music to heal and groove to.

A regular NTS show has been the place for a new sound to emerge which has then been showcased at meditations and shakedowns at his own studio club space in N16. The Utopia Project record label has seen the likes of Soichi Terada, Vangelis Katsoulis and Lars Bartkuhn share their spirit on wax and the latest release by Berlin based Japanese artist Alex Kassian is making serious waves all just before the launch of a new reissue label Utopia ‘Originals'.

Alex plans to take us on a journey through spaced-out jazz, ambient and worldly sounds to Italian oddities, minimal, boogie disco, Japanese rarities, balearic goodness, morning music, spiritual ohms and anything that fits the feeling.

Norsicaa (Soundway Records)


A familiar face behind the decks as well as the counter at Sounds of the Universe record store, Alice's far-reaching repertoire and eclectic taste can be heard on her Soho Radio 'Norsicaa' show, as well as at festivals and events around the world.

Following on from being a main organiser of the ground-breaking Manana Cuba festival in 2016, she keeps busy as Label Manager of the world-respected independent record label Soundway Records.

Mark Greenfield


Regular-for-a-reason selector Mark G checks in for another sweet and soulful afternoon session.

Six Million Steps


Disco / boogie / soul aficionados the Six Million Steps collective bring back their classy Saturday night sound to Spiritland.

Anne Frankenstein


One of our favourite DJs, and one of the finest on the London circuit.

A resident at Spiritland, her strictly-vinyl sets typically feature unfathomably deep selections of disco, funk, soul, jazz, afrobeat and late-night exotica.

Tim Garcia


Tim Garcia is the creative force behind Música Macondo, a website focusing on jazz, hip hop, latin and West African sounds.

He brings with him his ever-evolving global musical worldview.