What’s On

Mark Greenfield

18/03/2018 12:00 - 17:00

A familiar face at Spiritland, Mark Greenfield is a DJ and selector of distinction. His selections are tailor-made for our Sunday afternoon.


18/03/2018 17:00 - 22:00

Multi-disciplinary artist Bishi has been a DJ for over 15 years playing a deep selection from contemporary classical to forward-thinking electronica. Bishi's recent musical influences were explored on BBC Radio 3's 'Private Passions,' ranging from Wendy Carlos and Philip Glass to Ravi Shankar, Dirty Projectors, Grimes & Aphex Twin.

She's played from venues as diverse as Sketch, Tate Modern & The Museum of London, through to soirees for the likes of Anish Kapoor, Goldfrapp & Pulp.

We're delighted to welcome her to Spiritland for her first appearance.

Iko Chérie

19/03/2018 19:00 - 23:30

An evening of fun, groovy and always classy vinyl delights awaits with Iko Chérie at the controls.

Anne Frankenstein

20/03/2018 19:00 - 23:30

It's a strictly vinyl groove all evening long when Anne's at the Spiritland controls. Come here her deeply funky style on this Tuesday night session.

The Diggers

21/03/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Patrick, Ben & Chris from The Diggers return to Spiritland for another of their ocean-deep vinyl sessions.

Andy Bainbridge & Renata Maris

22/03/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Andy & Renata's extended vinyl only sets are all about the groove. Their carefully crafted sessions are what Thursday nights at Spiritland are all about.

Hilit Kolet & Santos Barakos

23/03/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Hilit Kolet teams up with long-time friend and Tel Aviv’s disco king, Santos Barakos. Obscure balearic, disco jams, and a whole lotta funky stuff will all go down. The weekend starts right here.

Jim Irvin

24/03/2018 16:00 - 20:00

Gentleman Jim - former singer (Furniture), current songwriter (Lana Del Rey, Lissie etc.), and music journalist (MOJO) - returns to Spiritland and takes us here, there and everywhere, as always.

Matty J (The Pool) & Tim Telling (The Daily Mash)

24/03/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Two musical forces come together for one night only. Matty J runs The Pool from his Bristol base, representing a family of pioneering DJs and artists. Tim Telling is the man behind the satirical website The Daily Mash, and a heavyweight record collector by night. Bonded by a mutual love of killer records and boundless musical exploration, their sound is no joke.

Ricardo Paris

25/03/2018 12:00 - 17:00

Spiritland regular selector Ricardo is all about the groove. And there is no better DJ to soundtrack our Sunday brunch session at Spiritland.

Marko Pavlovic

25/03/2018 17:00 - 22:00

Marko Pavlovic is the creative force behind the Southern Soul Festival in Montenegro, and a killer selector in his own right. Expect an eclectic set of influences varying from world, jazz, soul and music from Africa.

Vince Vella

26/03/2018 19:00 - 23:30

Producer, DJ and Percussionist, Vince Vella returns to Spiritland for a Monday night session blending Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and tropical rhythms with beats, bass, soul, jazz and more.

Les Jazz Ratz

27/03/2018 19:00 - 23:30

A lifetime of sourcing only the best in deep jazzy beats comes to fruition for Les Jazz Rats as they make their Spiritland debut on this Tuesday night session.

Dan Bean

28/03/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Good pal of Spiritland and ace selector Dan is back with a midweek session packed with nothing but the good stuff.

Spiritland Talks: Irvine Welsh & Miranda Sawyer – SOLD OUT

29/03/2018 18:00 - 01:00

For the next Spiritland Talks, Irvine Welsh is joined by Miranda Sawyer for a discussion of his musical inner life to celebrate the publication of Dead Men’s Trousers, the latest chapter in the Trainspotting story.

Irvine and Miranda explore his love of music and how it has inspired his work on this intimate night of music and conversation. DJ support from Simone Marie (Primal Scream)

Doors at 6pm, with the talks starting at 7.30pm. NOW SOLD OUT.

Yam Who?

30/03/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Andy Williams has been making high quality music since 2003, under the Yam Who? moniker and more. Midnight Riot is his label, home to the finest esoteric nu-boogie, disco and modern funk from around the world. Come and hear the cream of his record collection at Spiritland.

Balearic Mike

31/03/2018 16:00 - 20:00

Finally! Brighton's Balearic master heads to Spiritland for the first time to play the broadest selection of beats and pieces. Expect a masterclass from this music lover.

Cherish Kaya

31/03/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Cherish has exquisite taste and top selecting skills to go with it, so we're chuffed to have her at the Spiritland controls for this Saturday session.


01/04/2018 12:00 - 17:00

Our man Miché sets the tone nicely for one groovy afternoon of music at Spiritland. Sundays have never sounded so good.

Steve KIW

01/04/2018 17:00 - 22:00

The south coast Balearic don digs deep into his enviable record collection for this Sunday evening session.

Koichi Sakai

02/04/2018 19:00 - 23:30

Afrobeat, Jazz, World Music and so much more are effortlessly weaved into the mix when Tokyo born, London based DJ & producer Koichi Sakai is at the Spiritland controls.

Collective X – Love & Protest listening party

03/04/2018 19:00 - 23:30

Collective X and Alya Al-Sultani are launching their highly anticipated album, Love & Protest at Spiritland. You can also expect killer DJ sets from Tim Garcia and Orphy Robinson.

Gerry Lyseight

04/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Gerry Lyseight is a long-standing force in London's Latin, African and Jazz scene, as DJ, promoter, record compiler and radio presenter - he's also the co-founder of Brixton's legendary and much-missed Mambo Inn. Come and hear him explore his record collection.

Rhythm Doctor

06/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Chris Long - aka Rhythm Doctor - is a walking, talking, record spinning authority on quality music. Come here his original style at Spiritland.

Marcio Martinez

07/04/2018 16:00 - 20:00

Music researcher Marcio Martinez is all about the found sounds. His lifelong passion is sourcing those hard to find gems and leaves no stone unturned in his quest to unearth sonic perfection.


07/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Glyn 'Bigga' Bush has been making music for over two decades, frequently in the space where dub reggae meets beat-driven electronica, with projects including the Magic Drum Orchestra, Lightning Head and Rockers Hi Fi. Come and hear him on his Spiritland debut where we set the subs to MAX.

Ricardo Paris

08/04/2018 12:00 - 17:00

A smooth and jazzy Sunday afternoon is guaranteed when Spiritland favourite Ricardo is at the controls.

Magnetic Soul

08/04/2018 17:00 - 22:00

It's another Sunday evening across the board special from Spiritland firm favourite Magnetic Soul.

Colectivo Futuro

09/04/2018 19:00 - 23:30

After the roaring success of their Spiritland debut, the Colectivo Futuro crew return for another genre-spanning Monday night listening session.

Hollick & Gabriel Szatan

10/04/2018 19:00 - 23:30

Hollick & Gabriel Szatan share a love of prettiness, colour and melody in music which led them to crystallise their friendship with a label, party and sometime radio show called No Bad Days. Their taste and DJ style knows no boundaries, so this promises to be a special evening of music.


Buy tickets / 11/04/2018 18:30 - 01:00

An evening of truly transportive sounds awaits you at Spiritland. Curated by BBC Radio 3 Late Junction presenter and Japan Sound Portrait co-founder Nick Luscombe, this evening shines a spotlight on three leading lights of modern Japanese electronic and experimental music.

Hatis Noit is a vocal performer inspired by Japanese classical music, opera, chanting and avant-garde and pop vocalists. Her debut EP is released on Erased Tapes on March 23rd.

Paris based Japanese artist Tomoko Sauvage uses water-filled porcelain bowls and hydrophones (underwater microphones) for her subtle and serene electro-acoustic performances and compositions.

The lineup is completed by a rare live UK performance from MimiCof AKA Kyoto-born musician Midori Hirano who explores experimental music and detailed rhythmic patterns.

DJ sets by Nick Luscombe. Presented by Verity Sharp for BBC Radio 3 Exposure.

Doors at 6.30pm with performances starting at 7.30pm. Entrance is open to all after the live performances finish at 9.30pm

Vesa Liede

12/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Our man Vesa always catches the vibe perfectly at Spiritland and his extended listening sessions are a veritable treat for the ears. This is one not to miss.

Ece Duzgit

13/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Ece checks in at Spiritland for one of her trademark Friday night selections. The weekend starts here.

Special Kay

14/04/2018 16:00 - 20:00

Standby for a wildly eclectic pure vinyl set from Special Kay. Electronica, Lounge, Disco, Soul - you name it, she loves it.

Rich Reason

14/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

DJ, promoter and producer Rich Reason is one of Mancunia's prime musical movers. As a day one resident of the magnificent Warehouse Project and manager and chief cat-wrangler of LEVELZ crew, his sound defies definition - his DJ sets take in everything from jazz to juke to jungle and beyond.

Minus Kendal

15/04/2018 12:00 - 17:00

A chilled and mellow Sunday afternoon session awaits from regular Spiritland selector of distinction and taste Minus Kendal.

DF Tram

15/04/2018 17:00 - 22:00

Hailing from San Francisco, DF Tram is a leading figure in the North American downtempo electronic scene. Deep digging and heavy preparation goes into his sprawling and eclectic DJ sets, and his production work can be found on projects including The Sound Capsule, Jump/Cut and The Ambi-Sonic Collective. Lie down and be counted.

Vincent Cantelaube

16/04/2018 19:00 - 23:30

A familiar face at Spiritland, Vincent steps up for his debut session. An evening of genre-defying musical wonders awaits.

Spiritland Legends: Diana Ross – Hosted by Luke Howard

18/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

'You got a pedestal and put me on it.' We are thrilled to announce the latest in our series of all night sessions dedicated to the work of one artist. On the 18th April, Luke Howard of Horse Meat Disco fame hosts a night to celebrate the life and music of Miss Diana Ross. From her early days with The Supremes, to the decade-defining disco hits of the 1970s to the 80s pop stage and beyond, Luke digs into Ms Ross's 25 studio albums and 91 singles for his personal favourites.


19/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

South London DJ and production partners Francesco and JD of CONTRORA are all about the hard to find grooves. Their Spiritland debut promises to be a special one.

Jenny Jen & Nadia

20/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Jenny Jen and Nadia’s passion for music and their ability to rock the party has made them firm favourites at festivals across the globe for many years. Psychedelic funk, disco, soul, gospel, afro beat and much more will go down for their Spiritland debut.


21/04/2018 16:00 - 20:00

Bristol based DJ/producer/record collector Adam sent in a mix that hit all the right spots. Come hear him in full flow on his Saturday afternoon Spiritland debut.

Ali Tillett

21/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Iko Chérie

22/04/2018 12:00 - 17:00

Our weekend of music continues with firm favourite Iko Chérie at the Spiritland controls. Kick back and enjoy an afternoon of Jazz, Soul, Folk and all-round good Sunday vibes.

Derek’s Island Discs with Count Skylarkin

22/04/2018 17:00 - 22:00

Count Skylarkin' shared numerous DJ booths, dancefloors and pints with his friend and mentor, the much missed DJ Derek. Derek's family has left the Count a priceless and precious memento - the entirety of his music collection on MiniDisc. These discs have travelled the country, igniting dancefloors and shebeens for years, filled with reggae, dub, ska, rock & roll, swing, jive and more.

Graham Erickson

23/04/2018 19:00 - 23:30

Good pal of Spiritland Graham checks in for a swinging' Monday night session selecting gems from his enviable record collection.

Tony Sylvester

24/04/2018 19:00 - 23:30

Tony is one classy selector and we welcome his return to Spiritland where he'll showcase his latest vinyl acquisitions.


25/04/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Mantu is one of the founder members of pioneering dance collective Transglobal Underground. Renowned for pushing back the boundaries of World music and fusing electronic dance beats with sounds from all around the globe, tonight's session promises to be a special one.

Anne Frankenstein

29/04/2018 12:00 - 17:00

Anne's one of our favourite selectors so who better to soundtrack our Sunday afternoon at Spiritland. California soul, mellow funk and blissed out weekend vibes. They're all here.

Andy Taylor

01/05/2018 19:00 - 23:30

It's Tuesday night Balearic vibes all the way with We Are The Sunset's Andy Taylor at the helm.

Nick Shearer

02/05/2018 20:00 - 01:00

It's deep Balearic grooves all night long as we welcome south coast jock Nick Shearer for his Spiritland debut.

Dan Tenor-City & Tom Funk

04/05/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Dan Tenor-City and Tom Funk bring the slow disco, funk, soul, latin jazz and much more for this Friday night session.


06/05/2018 17:00 - 22:00

Portuguese born and bred DJ and lifelong vinyl obsessive Midnight - André Granada to his friends - jets in for one night only. A very special Sunday night at Spiritland is in store.

Fantasy in Orbit

08/05/2018 19:00 - 23:30

DJ and obsessive vinyl collector Alex Yiaxis - aka Fantasy in Orbit - brings a wide and deep selection of only the choicest cuts for his Spiritland debut.


13/05/2018 12:00 - 17:00

Spiritland regular Almo brings the classiest of Sunday brunch vibes. Groovy Balearic, sunshine soul and funky folk. It's all here for your weekend.

Sofia Ilyas & Francis Redman

13/05/2018 17:00 - 22:00

Sofia & Francis join us for an evening session of deep ambient, classical piano, minimal electronica and much more.

Jeff O’Toole

20/05/2018 12:00 - 17:00

Jeff's Spiritland selections are always a huge treat. So book a table and spend a relaxed afternoon in the company of a selector at the very top of his game.

Gustave Evrard

23/05/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Resonance FM and NTS Radio host Gustave Evrard’s musical interests range from ambient to boogie, industrial to italo, West African percussions to free jazz and beyond. All points will be covered for this midweek listening session.

Gavin Povey

30/05/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Gavin Povey operates undercover as The Jazz Detective, unearthing swinging sounds from the 1950s to today, touching on Big Band, Swing, Oriental & Spiritual jazz. Come and get hip to his sound for his long overdue return to Spiritland.

Spiritland Legends: The Beatles

31/05/2018 20:00 - 01:00

Spiritland regularly dedicates a whole night to a single artist - we've had evenings devoted to Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire, George Michael, Steely Dan and Prefab Sprout - it's time to experience the big bang of 1960s pop music.

Spiritland resident Mr Black digs deep to play five hours of The Beatles, the hits, the B-sides, the ones that got away and more. Come and enjoy a night of Beatlemania on the Spiritland sound system.