Colin Curtis


  • Disco
  • Global
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

In Colin's words – "when you consider how fast the DJing world is moving these days, 50 years in the game is a ludicrous thing to contemplate".

Having lived, danced and DJed through the eras of Northern Soul, jazz-funk and house, few can claim to have contributed to UK dance music more than Colin Curtis.

Growing up in Stoke on Motown and Radio Caroline, Colin first started DJing in 1967 and became a figurehead for some of Northern England’s most iconic clubs, including the Blackpool Mecca, Rafters in Manchester and Nottingham’s Rock City.

His experiments with electro and house, alongside Hewan Clarke at The Playpen in Manchester also had a profound impact on the musical direction of the Haçienda. These days his career is viewed with similar superlatives as Mancuso, which we discuss in the below, alongside a look into his life as a record collector and the new jazz dance fusion compilation he’s curated for Z Records.