Delia Tesileanu


  • Global
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Music head Delia is actively and proudly involved in a wide range of exciting projects.

Delia presents weekly show 'Counterpoint' on Soho Radio, assists some of the finest independent record labels out there such as Wah Wah 45s, First Word Records, Total Refreshment Records and Mashibeats, as well as co-producing LA-based radio show 'The Expedition Radio x Dash Radio', all whilst looking to bring other ideas to life.

She spends most (if not all) of her free time with headphones on, digging for new, old, obscure, forgotten, under-appreciated records. Her Counterpoint show is testament to her eclectic musical tastes, blending jazz with gospel, hip hop, soul, beats, psychedelia and whatever else tickles her earbuds, always with a strong narrative behind her selections.