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Icelandic wanderer and Spiritland favourite, Fannar co-founded the meat party (currently residing at Dalston Superstore) 8 years ago and is a long-standing resident at Happy Endings. A truly international spirit this Viking adventurer has taken to the decks in Tel Aviv (Breakfast Club), Berlin (House of Shame, Horse Meat Disco), Paris (Menergy, Andy Wahloo), Reykjavik (Dolly) and Copenhagen (Jolene). In his current hometown of London, Fannar regularly plays the city's best parties at legendary venues including The Glory (Trouble), The Eagle (Homostash,), East Bloc (Gutterslut). As part of Synth System Systers (Satellite, Margate) Fannar also hosts a regular radio show (Satellite - Margate Radio). A lover of different genres his sets tends to be a mix of House and Disco music. His mantra: 'LET'S ALL DANCE'.