Jon Marsh (The Beloved)


  • Balearic
  • Eclectic
  • Electronica

Jon Marsh recorded and released music as The Beloved from Peel Session beginnings in 1985 until the release of 'X' in 1996. The project has been cryogenically frozen since then but is beginning to thaw, the catalogue having finally been prised from corporate clutches. Every mix of every track is currently being assembled and prepared for an internet rebirth, plus new material.

From 1992-2005 Jon regularly DJed all over the UK & Europe, plus the USA & Australia. He held monthly residencies at MOS and Fabric, as well as recurring bookings at mainstream and underground house clubs.

Parenthood curtailed the DJ work, but he occasionally resurfaces wielding his take on balearic: "Think eclectic style not flamenco somnambulists".

Jon's return to Spiritland will offer a scenic route through the unconventional.