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Jon Marsh (The Beloved)


  • Balearic
  • Disco
  • House

As singer/songwriter, and sole constant member Jon steered The Beloved
from Peel Session quartet in 1985, to Blissed Out duo by 1988, to the
global omnipresence of Sweet Harmony in 1993, to a state of near-hibernation
post 1996.

He occasionally resurfaces as a “feat” or collaborator and in the current decade
has worked with artists as diverse as Westbam and Robbie Williams.

As a DJ he had a parallel career between 1993-2006, enjoying residencies at Ministry
Of Sound, and then Fabric as well as traversing the UK and Europe for regular guest slots.

He occasionally plays out in clubs, in a loosely-defined Balearic style.
(“Balearic is a state of mind, not a genre”)

In Spiritland mode his selection widens and draws from everywhere.
Songs known to everyone, songs that deserve to be.
Music to sooth, music to groove.
Open, deep, honest.