Jonny Woo’s Christmas Sing-a-long


After an epic Golden Woobilee celebrations, our friend Jonny Woo returns for his annual shenagans with the Spiritland family in a raucous Christmas Sing-A-Long special. Joined by the deliciously talented Rudi Douglas on keys and vocals and super-duper songstress, Fi McCluskey.

The trio will sing their way through festive tunes that make you dance, swoon, scream, laugh and ultimately sing out loud. Expect a smattering of ‘Deck-The-Ding-Dong-Merrily-Jingle-Red-Nose-Reindeer’ kind of stuff and loads of party songs from the likes of East 17, Girls Aloud, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Cher, Queen and of course Natalie Umbruglia.

It’s high-end singing and low-end mischief all night. And you thought midnight mass tanked up on Tequila was your naughty treat this Xmas. Jonny Woo’s Christmas Sing-a-Long is where the real spirit of Christmas lives.