Luca Carluccio


  • Eclectic
  • House
  • Italo

It's a first time visit for Luca Carluccio: a Berlin-based DJ, radio speaker, event promoter, and the head of the ELSI collective.

Deeply embedded in the music industry since he was first recruited by a London-based booking agency, Luca now spends his days helping !K7 Records licensing music for their quintessential DJ-Kicks compilation, and his nights running ELSI, a party series and collective that’s become one of Berlin’s most coveted happenings.

Luca’s sets can’t be boxed into tidy categories, instead free-associating through styles, genres and tempos, threading together blissed-out Italo with hook-heavy House, sleazy Disco with heartfelt grooves picked up during time spent in the dancefloors and record shops of Europe and beyond.