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Micky Browne (WARM)


  • Electronica
  • Global
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul
  • Reggae/Dub

Micky's laid-back Balearic sets are always a treat, but this time he heads up again from his beachside town with a record box brimful of nothing but breezy, feel-good Saturday nighters.

Micky Browne works day-to-day at WARM, the booking agency, record label and event company. He works with founder Ali Tillett with acts such as Horse Meat Disco, Gerd Janson, Hot Chip, John Gomez to name a few.

Between his hundreds of emails Micky also likes to go digging for records from around the world whilst sipping on a nice ale. Expect anything and everything from his collection as he touches on dub, reggae, soul, boogie, afro, disco, house and anything in-between.