Perry Louis


  • Disco
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

It’s impossible to pigeonhole Perry Louis and understand where he gets his inspiration. Perry did not come through the usual Collector to DJing route, instead starting his career as a Boogie/Jazz Dancer. He first took to the Dance floors of the most iconic clubs in the UK in the early to mid ‘70s, which fired up his passion and excitement for the music and was inspired by the iconic djs and dancers of that era which he tries to represent and influences his DJ sets today – all on Vinyl, of course. Perry has worked as a JazzFunk, Funk and Jazz Dancer and has a Vinyl collection that mirrors his style of dancing. As a DJ, he specialises in spinning JazzFunk, Pure Funk, Boogie and Dancefloor Jazz mixing in Latin, Brazilian Soul, Afro and Fusion and more.

Unlike the hundreds of dedicated Jazz, Funk and Soul Dancers who simply enjoy turning up to do their thing on the floor and hearing good music, Perry’s love and passion for the Music has had him digging for Vinyl all over the world to find that elusive track to add to the sound he works very hard at Improving – The sound of London’s underground Dancefloor Jazz, Funk and Boogie scene. Throughout his 30 year career as a Dancer, he’s picked up records everywhere he’s travelled to in the world. Perry’s friends know that to go somewhere with Perry means he makes a bee-line to that record shop to sort out that elusive Gem..