Sammseed (Touching Bass)


  • Eclectic
  • Electronica
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Sammseed, the South London-born DJ of Portuguese descend, blends music with a focus on connecting soul, spirit and dance. He's one of the key members of Touching Bass: a movement of London-based soul disciples – curators, record label, and dance doers who also hold down a biweekly NTS Radio residency.

He ventures across everything from Boogie, Beats, and Jazz to the full spectrum of the UK/Tuga underground scenes, have lead to appearances at various UK festivals and support slots for legends like Nightmares On Wax. Okayplayer were also quick to support his regular Soundcloud mix series. When not DJing, Sammseed curates 'Scene & Heard', bridging the worlds of independent cinema and music with a series of intimate screenings.