Andrew Weatherall 1963 – 2020


Andrew Weatherall 1963 – 2020

When Spiritland originally started up as a temporary installation at Merchants Tavern in East London in 2014, Andrew Weatherall came and played, for nothing. It was a special night with a mix of fans, locals and people who clearly had no idea who he was, but were into the rockabilly, early rock’n’roll and dub he was playing.

Two years later when we launched Spiritland King’s Cross in September and he came and played a late night slot, just two weeks after we’d opened doors.

As ever, he assembled a uniquely intrepid set of unpredictable and unknown music – mainly current indie and guitar music. A wall of fans packed out the place, trying to check out what he was playing with plenty of subtle Shazam action.

One week before he died, we announced the latest Spiritland Legends night in March – all Andrew Weatherall productions and collaborations, this being the first Legends night dedicated to a producer and not a group. Previous Legends nights have been built around the work of The Beatles, Kraftwerk, David Bowie and others of a similar stature. He rightly stands alongside them as a creative force of similar magnitude. Now, the night takes on the form of a different kind of tribute.

Many words have been written about his dedication and open-hearted nature. The many stories shared about him since his death speak of untouchable credibility, commitment and a spirit of adventure, worn very lightly and with a sly grin. We were honoured to be a small part of his world.

Rest well, Andrew Weatherall.

Paul Noble – Artistic Director, Spiritland

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