Archive: Spiritland Legends


We’ve been going back through our archives to pull out recordings that are worth spending time with.

We regularly host Spiritland Legends, where one artist or group is celebrated for an entire night, hosted by someone with the collection to do them justice. Here’s everything we’ve done to date, and we’re looking forward to more of these in the future.

2nd November 2016 – Rudy Van Gelder tribute night with Tony Higgins

9th January 2017 – Blackstar : A night of David Bowie with Charlotte Hatherley

22nd April 2017 – Prince: forever in my life with The Mighty Zaf

30th April 2017 – A Celebration of Earth, Wind and Fire with Chris Philips and Kyri

17th December 2017 – Thank You, Walter: A Night of Steely Dan Worship with JP

20th December 2017 – You Have Been Loved: A Night of George Michael with Cherish Kaya

18th April 2018 – Spiritland Legends: Diana Ross hosted by Luke Howard

31st May 2018 – Spiritland Legends: The Beatles hosted by Mr Black

2nd August 2018 – Spiritland Legends: P-Funk hosted by Earthboundboy

30th August 2018 – Spiritland Legends Herbie Hancock

20th December 2018 – You Have Been Loved: A Night of George Michael with Cherish Kaya

17th January 2019 – Spiritland Legends: David Bowie hosted by Black Wax Solution

2nd May 2019 – Spiritland Legends: Pet Shop Boys hosted by Ian Wade

6th June 2019 – Spiritland Legends: New Order hosted by Andrew Harrison

7th June 2019 – Happy Birthday 2 U: Prince selected by Wrongtom

21st September 2019 – Spiritland Legends: Stevie Wonder hosted by Kyri

8th October 2019 – Spiritland Legends: Bob Dylan hosted by James Endeacott

5th November 2019 – Spiritland Legends: Simon and Garfunkel hosted by Big T and Miche

23rd January 2020 – Spiritland Legends: Radiohead hosted by Pete Paphides

5th February 2020 – Spiritland Legends: Depeche Mode hosted by Special Kay

5th March 2020 – Spiritland Legends: Andrew Weatherall hosted by James Cooper

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