Spiritland One

Spiritland One – Exceptional Outside Broadcasting


Spiritland One is a world class vehicle designed by Spiritland Productions for complex recording, production and broadcast activity, taking our commitment to excellence in sound to further heights.

A converted 12-metre Mercedes truck built around a SSL Series T desk, the Outside Broadcasting vehicle is designed for the very highest level of complex audio and video production and broadcast duties.

Spiritland Productions is the production arm of Spiritland, with a fully featured radio studio in Spiritland King’s Cross, at which a number of radio shows for clients including BBC Radio, Spotify, Facebook, Talk Art, The Guardian are produced.

We have also stretched out further afield, overseeing sound for Chris Evans’ radio show on Virgin including outside broadcasts in Cannes and Monaco, and working on complex productions for several global broadcasters.


Spiritland One is designed by the Spiritland Productions team and was overseen by MegaHertz in Cambridge. Coachbuild is by Spectra Specialist Engineering.

Features include:

  • An 800 path capable SSL audio console for the most demanding productions
  • Redundant 256 channel multitrack recording
  • HD video capable including production switcher and multiple recorders
  • Dolby Atmos (DP590) 7.1.4 Neumann monitoring with Barefoot MM27 main monitors
  • A full complement of SSL pre-amps with fibre delivery

It has extensive sound processing options with the entire Waves plugin library, and outboard from Bricasti, Eventide, Klark Teknik and Al Smart. All internal i/o within the truck is provided by Focusrite RedNet system.

There’s a host of options for production teams including full wireless comms system, multiple headphone points, printer, fridge, production wifi and coffee machine.