BYO Boogie & Melissa Baksh


  • Eclectic
  • Global
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Dancers, DJs, explorers of the groove... Melissa and BYO Boogie are London-based DJs venturing to unexplored funky territory across the globe.

BYO Boogie is one half of Magic Wax, a party and monthly radio show focusing on obscure global grooves. BYO Boogie's deep crates span every style from Estonian jazz, to steel drum disco, and unlikely charity shop nuggets.

Melissa is an art historian, writer and broadcaster/DJ. Alongside being a resident of arts collective Rhythm and Frames, she has hosted shows on Netil and Balamii Radio, showcasing a selection of genres from otherworldly jazz to soulful grooves, to disco and boogie from all around the world.