Venue hire

Spiritland King's Cross can be hired for album launches, parties, listening sessions, private dining and more.

Contact for more details.


Seated capacity is 70. Standing capacity is 120.


We have an outdoor terrace that seats 30 people.

Light and sound


The Spiritland mixer is a unique creation, built without compromise. High quality components, very low distortion and pleasing knobfeel.

Vinyl playback

The Kuzma XL turntable is available for vinyl playback of unsurpassed quality, with a choice of Kuzma or Viv Labs tonearms, and Kuzma or the flagship Audio-Technica ART-1000 cartridge.

CD playback

A linked pair of Pioneer CDJ-NXS2 2000 CD players are available, playing audio files up to FLAC quality.

Analogue playback

The iconic Revox B77 reel to reel player is available and permanently plugged for playback of material on 1/4# tape.

Digital playback

The Tascam DA-3000, capable of playing PCM/DSD material, and recording analog and digital signals up to 192kHz PCM or 5.6MHz DSD is plugged up to a unique dCS Vivaldi Spiritland DAC unit.


A projector and screen can be hired on request for use in conjunction with our sound system.


Specialised event lighting can be hired upon request.