Clap City’s Message from the Tribe


  • EFG London Jazz Festival
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul
  • Library Music

Clap City Records launched in 2018 as an East London based label, specialising in reissuing cult funk, soul and jazz records from around the world. Hailing from a council flat in Clapton, formerly known in the late nineties as the capital's 'murder mile', the label's name pays homage to the many late nights the founders and wider collective spent making memories around their turntables, digging through old crates and spinning new tracks picked up from travels along the way. As much as the label focuses on giving old music new light, it also aims to repackage it with a modern aesthetic. This includes minimal sleeve designs and accompanying zines explaining the history of the music.

In celebration of their second release, 'Farewell To The Welfare' by Wendell Harrison, Clap City founder Sean Britton will be playing records from the cult underground Detroit Jazz label, Tribe. Tribes short lifespan as a label, publication and musical collective spanned from 1971 through to 1978. During this period it gave birth to some of the most beloved jazz records to come out of this era. The reissue of 'Farewell To The Welfare' is another stepping stone in igniting modern day music lovers to an important label they may not have even heard of yet. The record will be released on 7th December, but there will be a very special pre-sale at this event.