Dan Tenor-City & Tom Funk


  • Disco
  • House
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Dan and Tom return bringing disco, funk, soul, latin jazz and much more.

Dan can be found DJing at various venues at home and overseas. He spins a collection of criss-cross rhythms: originals, re-edits and remixes, in styles ranging from, synth and West Coast boogie, heady funk, afro-, funk rock, fusion, to house, soul, and first and second generation disco. Dan is also part of Deep Tenor City, with a number of releases through BBE Records and a monthly show on Soho Radio. Dan is also part of the Prescription Pricing Authority, with releases on Stockholm’s GAMM record label.

Tom Funk has his musical roots in playing keyboards and production, playing from a vast music collection ranging from hip hop to jazz, all the way through to electronic and experimental, rock and reggae. He also runs a full-fledged recording studio that serves as the hub of his homegrown London-based label, Lazy Robot Records, and has numerous productions to his name, including as part of Prescription Pricing Authority also.