Edna (Goat Girl)


  • Eclectic

Edna is a DJ with a vinyl-heavy selection of music sourced from her parents' collection as well as her own record shop finds in London and beyond -picking up records on her travels with Rough Trade-signed band, Goat Girl. Raised in Deptford and Whitechapel, she's inspired by the variety of sounds she heard across the vast city. Living in a world that's often so technology-centric, Edna prefers vinyl’s analog form because it supports living in a more organic reality. Never ruling out a particular genre, whilst merging music from past to present, her groove-oriented sets are an eclectic but finely-tuned mix of soul, R&B, dub, reggae, funk and jazz, never failing to bring the heat of the sunshine to the dancefloor. Her enthusiasm for life is reflected by the music she plays and her love of dancing. You can get a glimpse of the magic when you come to witness Edna on the decks!