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Iain Tait


  • Ambient
  • Downtempo
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Iain misses the early 90s chill out room. A haven for overwhelmed, tired and emotional souls who needed a hug - metaphorically and actually. A place where anything and everything went, from anywhere on the musical spectrum, as long as it sounded nice. Flirting with beatlessness and rhythms just audible enough to keep heads nodding. But never being vulgar enough to demand getting to your feet - unless the spirit moved you.

Having been relegated to very irregular mixes on Soundcloud (@iainmixedit) Iain is excited to attempt to recreate the warm vibes of an old school chill-out room on the Spiritland sound system. Dusting off some abstract IDM, modern classical, ambient, oddities, and god knows, maybe even a trip hop track or two.