Ma Nu (Liguria Transatlantica)


  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Ma Nu is a key player in the Italian digger scene, building his dj-sets without boundaries, with a touch that is the result of a deep digging around stores, street markets and warehouses - funk, hip hop, dub, disco, house & acoustic jazz, taken and put in a centrifuge with the exclusive use of 7 inches records.

He has been part of the resident artists of the important Jazz Re:Found Festival, a benchmark festival in Italy paying respect to Black music in all of its forms.

Last year he produce “Liguria Transatlantica” a vinyl compilation dedicated to a particular Italian Jazz scene of Liguria, his region in north west Italy, where you can feel a magic connection with South American and Brazilian jazz. This concept has alsobecame also a festival called “Transatlantica”, in Genova, capital city of Liguria. 

We welcome this heavyweight music head to Spiritland for his debut.