Pedro Ricardo


  • Global
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Known in his hometown Porto for his flair with the records, Pedro relies on a strong, organic groove, promising to bring to the dance floor the warm rhythms of Funk and Disco hand in hand with a kind of House that never takes off from its soulful tradition. Working through different aliases he has been releasing music for the past 5 years: first as Bababa with Extended Records (2015); then as Hai with 1980 (2017); and in his own name Pedro with Onda Onda Music (2017). In 2018 Pedro and Jenna Camille released This is What I'm Going Through EP with Wolf Music Recordings, with solo follow-up She is EP in 2019. This year also saw the first of Pedro's self-releases on his own label Hear, Sense and Feel, in a shift towards sounds closer to home.