Plinio & Gerah


  • Global
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Geraldo Oliveira (GeraH) is an inquisitive Brazilian record collector now based in London.

Having played at a good deal of underground clubs and parties in São Paulo, he also created Laca Negra, tapping into multiple facets of soul, jazz and R&B at different bars.

In 2019 GeraH co-founded Dublab Brazil (Brazilian branch of Los Angeles station Dublab) with DJ Zinco and the journalist Monica Herculano.

He will be going b2b with fellow compatriot Plinio from the Ondo Onda Collective

Plinio is a selector and guitarrist. Born and raised on the west side of Sao Paulo, Brazil, he has experienced and absorbed all of the cultural manifestations that a vibrant megalopolis can offer. Curious about the folkloric and the traditional, his music is a reflection of the places he has been and of times that are long gone but thankfully recorded on vinyl.

Based in London for the past 6 years, he plays guitar with Los Pussatas Fritas and is part of the cultural collective Ondo Onda, which holds a monthly show at Netil Radio and promotes parties in east London.

Expect South American rhythms, forgotten dances, tropical flavours and good old jazz.