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Detroit. Community. Love.

For the last 12 years, the way that Detroit-based DJ Pontchartrain has approached music, is centered around two things - learning and sharing. The result has been an interesting change up from the status quo of what comes out of the motor city. What started off as a project for edits and DJ tools has turned into a rediscovery of the roots of dance music. This shift in the last few years has pushed him into the new opportunities with some of the greatest labels in disco and house realm, and interesting achievements across the globe.

After joining up as A&R for the prolific label Whiskey Disco and its house subsidiary Lovedancing, his scouting of new talent has widened his musical scope even more, and his DJ style and productions have continued to advance. In addition to curating these two outlets, in the past few years alone he has released on well over a dozen labels, including Kolour LTD, Rocksteady Disco, Delusions of Grandeur, Toy-Tonics, Soul-Clap Records, Masterworks Music, Razor-N-Tape and many more. Output has been nothing short of consistent, hitting #1 chart positions on established outlets such as Juno, several times, in multiple genres.

When it comes to performances, Pontchartrain believes in the overarching goal of community. From the time he brought the Detroit Children’s Choir on stage with him at Movement Festival to sing along, to the bold invocations of poetry and messages of love, the dancefloor is a place for everyone to come as they are, and enjoy the people they are with, centered around the ancient idea of the communal dance.

Like many of the great Detroit artists he looks up to, there’s a humble blue collar aspect to his background as well. Pontch still works as a social worker directly with drug addicts getting back on their feet right here in the motor city. He volunteers with groups such as Give A Beat, LRNG, Girls Rock Detroit, local public libraries, and is now a volunteer and teacher at Spin Inc music production school. Music is truly a way of life, part of the greater idea of lifting each other up. His actions, sounds, and personality encompass this idea.