Rainer Trüby & Dom Servini


  • Downtempo
  • Eclectic
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Rainer Trüby, ex-member of A Forest Mighty Black and today's master of rare vinyl and wine, is still busy with DJing around the globe (few airports have not seen his metal record box--vinyl, yes!) spreading his musical vision of "good music" delivering in between the different facets of house and electronic music and mixing it up with his beloved roots i.e. soul, boogie, jazz, funk, Latin. Known as part of the Trüby Trio and selector for compilations such as Glücklich or Talkin Jazz, and later Maiden Voyage (Compost) and Beats & Oexle (Sonarkollektiv) you wouldn't challenge his musical taste at all. He is joined by The Wah Wah 45s head honcho Dom Servini who delivers a genre-hopping selection as only he can. Putting the love and detail back into soul, funk and reggae music with tight productions, crisp pressings and beautiful artwork, his label's tastes are a perfect match for Spiritland.