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Supper club: Alexina Anatole


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Embrace the beauty of bitter flavours! Following on from last month's sold out Pepper Party supper club, we delve further into the wonderful world of esoteric and delicious flavouring at our King's Cross home with cook and author Alexina Anatole.

Alexina is a cook who researches, writes and talks about flavour: the science of it, how it appears across different cultures and how to translate this into delicious food in the kitchen.

Alexina was a finalist on MasterChef 2021 where she demonstrated her enthusiasm for grapefruit, her love of liquorice and her intense dislike of mint-chocolate. Bitter, published by Penguin, is her debut cookbook and the first in a series centred around the five tastes (bitter, sweet, sour, salty and umami).

Tickets are on sale now for £67 plus service charge. The last one sold out fast so don't get all bitter if you miss out.