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  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Brighton’s Tech Support is destined for big things.

The mild-mannered DJ and producer, known as Ned Dickinson to his friends, already finds himself caught up amongst some of the most talented artists and selectors of the moment, and deservingly so.

At just 21, there are a stack of EPs on labels from the UK to the U.S. bearing Tech Support’s name. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find equally impressive work under long forgotten aliases.

On top of his 12” releases found in the likes of Juno and Piccadilly Records, Tech Support’s digital presence sees him racking up over 100,000 views on esteemed Youtube dance channel Houseum, alongside the likes of Folamour, Baltra, and Lone. His soundcloud reaches listeners in four different continents.

One morning in 2018, having already received considerable DJ support from the likes of Black Loops, Laurence Guy, and Late Nite Tuff Guy, Ned opened his laptop to discover a video his track ‘Friends, played by Dan Shake at Lost Village festival,’ blowing up the Identification of Music Group on Facebook.

The first of the Big Things™ had arrived.

Despite the vigorous work ethic, there is a vein of irreverence that runs through everything the artist does, from the official release of his biggest track to date, flippantly titled That Record With Friends On It, to his social feed of expertly curated communist memes, Tech Support’s attitude is at once industrious and laid-back, his mixes: effortless and intricate.

Regular three hour radio shows on Brighton’s numerous stations keep Ned’s record bag deep and his creative mind always ticking over with new ideas. Equally comfortable deep in disco groove or deftly joining the dots between sonic obscurities like darkwave and italo, it’s his club sets that allow him to fully express himself. Nothing is off limits.

Preferring longer sets, often as long as the club will allow, a Tech Support DJ set touches every wall of the musical sphere at once, flattening genres against each other and projecting them onto the dancefloor through the unmistakable prism of a DJ who truly loves what they do.

Whether it’s slack-jawed euphoria or a mind-melting bewilderment, the emotions run high throughout, manifesting themselves as a sea of unshackled limbs, and as soon as you try to predict what genre, what country, or even what dimension, Tech Support is sending you to next, well, that’s when he’s got you where he wants you.