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Yaara Haim


  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Jazz/Funk/Soul

Yaara Haim is an artist, producer, composer and selector based in Jerusalem.

Her debut album 'Lonicera' released last summer, reveals her delicate singing through mesmerizing melodies that give a sense of familiarity, and a diverse and full inner world that creates a unique sound environment and consists of various musical instruments whether analog or digital.

As a musical artist, she explores turntable methods. Her live show (SHOD) is an abstract turntable performance, where broken vinyl parts are placed on top of each other and develop a dynamic soundscape.

As a DJ and music selector, Yaara hosts a monthly radio show at Teder.fm where she's exploring the many faces of jazz,
sweet soul and experimental synth-pop, leaving her unique trademark in the alternative and experimental music scenes. We welcome her for a Spiritland debut on a Tuesday night.