Mix of the Day – It Begins Here


Seeing as we’ve all got a bit of time on our hands, we’re going back into our archives from both Spiritland sites and picking out a mix for each day  – uptempo, downtempo and everything else. Hours and hours of musical magic to keep you entertained while things are quiet

For our Spiritland Legends mix series click here


Sunday 22nd November: Ben Smith

Ben Smith is a naturally melodic and soulful producer, best known for his work with Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy, travelling into uncharted musical territory. Hear what moves him in this mix


Saturday 21th November: Paul Raffaele & Barbie Bertisch (Love Injection)

Paul and Barbie’s Love Injection is a monthly print fanzine, and a deep dive into music culture and dance floor history. They brought their good vibes from NYC to King’s Cross back in January 2018.


Tuesday 17th November: Pearson Sound, Toby & Hamish (Pickle Factory)

Back in 2018 we were hosting Hamish and Toby from the Pickle Factory for a regular session, where they brought in friends from the Pickle crew. Pearson Sound took a detour from his brand of heavyweight, future thinking bass music to dig into some key influences.


Monday 16th November: Jaye Ward

Jaye Ward has been a part of London’s musical makeup for over 30 years, tracking back through Acid House to the post-punk and goth era. Hear just a taste of her waste musical universe here.


Saturday 14th November: Justin Robertson

Much has been said about the legendary DJ and producer Justin Robertson – here he lets the music do the talking, deep, cosmic and intrepid.


Friday 13th November: Flying Mojito Brothers

An utterly distinctive sound, where country meets disco and funk – hear the Flying Mojito Brothers do their thing back in December 2017.


Thursday 12th November: Sally Rodgers (A Man Called Adam)

Sally Rodgers from Balearic icons A Man Called Adam brought her cosmic bag of goodies down to Spiritland towards the final days of 2017


Wednesday 11th November: Strut Records

The reissue label that has revived interest in many genres years before others were doing it – the mighty Strut Records crew made it to Spiritland a few years back – here’s the recording.


Tuesday 10th November: Ian Dewhirst

Northern Soul legend and the man behind the Mastercuts series that kickstarted many a record collection, Ian Dewhirst plays at Spiritland regularly – here’s his set from December 2017.


Monday 9th November: Mark Limb

Collector and DJ for more than 30 years, Mark Limb is the man behind The Electric Disco, a regular party in and around Brixton – he has a broadminded approach to playing records, on display here.


Monday 21st September: Ralph Tee

Ralph Tee is a DJ, writer and promoter with deep routes in the UK soul and disco scene, through his label Expansion Records, his Jazz FM show and the numerous magazines he’s been involved with. Hear his set from November 2017.


Sunday 20th September: Emotional Pop

No sound is too taboo for Cosmic Baggy and Niles, aka Emotional Pop. Starting from with an openminded love of pop, they dive headlong into blameless Balearic joy.


Friday 18th September: Kenneth Bager

Copenhagen’s Balearic master, ringleader of the hedonistic mayhem that is the Coma Club, DJ, producer, musical instigator. The irrepressible Kenneth Bager has played at our many times – here’s one of his earliest appearances.


Wednesday 16th September: Ossian Ward

Before he was known a major figure in the London’s art scene, Ossian Ward had a background in music, hiphop in particular. Hear him in a very rare DJ appearance from November 2017.


Tuesday 15th September: Nathan Gregory Wilkins

Always a welcome presence at Spiritland, Nathan Gregory Wilkins has a distinctive musical voice which touches on sleazy electronica with touches of krautrock, psychedelia, electro and more. Here’s his set from November 2017.


Sunday 13th September: Pete On The Corner

On The Corner Records has been recognised as one of the most credible global music labels. Genre breaking, border crossing bangers from beyond courtesy of main man Pete.


Saturday 12th September: Vesa Liede

Spiritland resident Vesa Liede has the tunes and knows what to do with them. Hear him in action and you’ll understand why we’ve booked him to play at Spiritland for many years now.


Friday 11th September: Tim Garcia & Mr Redley

Tim Garcia is Musica Maconda. Mr Redley is Cafe Au Lait – they joined forces for a rare B2B set at Spiritland in November 2017.


Thursday 10th September: Solid State

Richard Hardcastle is better known as Solid State, the Sheffield-based authority on disco, house and more with over 30 years in the DJ booth behind him. Get a taste of his sound here.


Wednesday 9th September: Lorenzo

Lorenzo Bandiera is the creative force behind the great Fly By Night label – you’ll hear eclectic funk, disco and globally-minded rhythms on his Spiritland debut from September 2017.


Tuesday 8th September: Jimmy K-Tel

Along with his brother in rhythm Matt Brown, Jimmy K-Tel is Sancho Panza, London’s notorious party starters. From basements, boats and warehouse parties to the heaviest carnival system on Middle Row, they’ve kept things on a strictly underground vibe for over two decades. Hear him in a mellow mood here.


Monday 7th September: Kiara Scuro

Before they blew up! Rosie Ama and Nadia Anderson’s sound stretches from shimmering 80s pop to weirded out psych and all points in between. Check out their mix here.


Saturday 5th September: Aroop Roy

Aroop Roy is well known for his immaculately funky house productions. He’s also a heavyweight selector. Hear him when he came to Spiritland back in October 2017.


Friday 4th September: Mr Fortyfour

The enigmatic Mr Fortyfour dropped by Spiritland back in October 2017 for an journey into unexpected musical territory.


Thursday 3rd September: Gavin Povey

Gavin Povey goes by the Jazz Detective, and has a vinyl collection to back up the monicker. Hear him in action from October 2017.

Wednesday 2nd September: Kirk Degiorgio

Kirk Degiorgio is nothing less than a legend of electronic music, with a sound that spans soul, AOR and dub to blazing techno. Hear his first visit to Spiritland here.


Tuesday 1st September: Rob Wood

DJ, journalist and globally-minded music selectors plays a supremely lush selection from the chilled end of the record box.


Monday 31st August: Jake Holloway

From the equally beloved LoveVinyl and BBE camps, Jake Holloway has immaculate taste – very much on display here.


Sunday 30th August: Mind Fair

Collectors, selectors, producers and heavyweight audiophiles Mind Fair have been part of the Spiritland story since the early days. Here’s their mix from back in the day.


Saturday 29th August: Frank Tope

Disco authority, A&R supremo and dapper gent Frank Tope played the first of many sets at Spiritland back in October 2017.


Friday 28th August: Drumtalk & Matt Sewell

Two distinct talents in electronic music came together for this one-off set at Spiritland King’s Cross in October 2017.


Thursday 27th August: High Contrast

A huge name in silky smooth drum and bass, High Contrast came through for an album launch back in 2017 and played this set afterwards


Wednesday 26th August: Shigeto

Detroit’s Shigeto was our very special guest in September 2017. Known for his forward-thinking and intense releases on the Ghostly International label, he played an exclusive London set for us. You can hear it here.


Tuesday 25th August: Rosie Lowe

Rosie Lowe is best know as a recording artist with a singular take on pop and R&B. She’s also a killer DJ, hear what she sounds like in this mix.


Monday 24th August: Dj Gilla

DJ Gilla is the big boss man at First Word Records, one of our very favourite labels. Hear his world of funkiness right here.


Saturday 22nd August: Toby Nicholas, Hamish Cole & Jane Fitz

Toby and Hamish played regularly at ours throughout 2017, bringing friends from their intrepid booking policy at Pickle Factory and Oval Space. Here they’re joined by one of the very deepest names in electronic music, Jane Fitz.


Friday 21st August: Lauren Hansom

Originally from Australia, now based here Lauren Hansom came our attention via a fantastic set of mixes for Red Light Radio, NTS and Dekmantel. Hear what she’s about in this mix.


Thursday 20th August: Anna Prior

Anna Prior plays drums with the great Metronomy. Away from the traps, she also plays very good DJ sets. Here she is from September 2017 at Spiritland King’s Cross.


Wednesday 19th August: Justin Quirk

Journalist, runner, style guru and dub aficionado Justin Quirk dug into his vaults for this mix back in September 2017.


Tuesday 18th August: Kyri (R2 Records)

Kyri has been playing at Spiritland since the very beginning – hear him in action here and you’ll see why,


Monday 17th August: Dean ’Sunshine’ Smith

With over 25 years in the game and a reputation built through his Birmingham night The Great Outdoors, Dean ’Sunshine’ Smith came through Spiritland back in September 2017


Sunday 16th August: Chris Coco

Longterm friend of Spiritland and Balearic trailblazer Chris Coco was part of our first birthday week in September 2017. Supreme lushness awaits you within.


Saturday 15th August: Sasa (In Flagranti)

In Flagranti are known for their immaculate shimmering disco sound. Sasa came through with a beautiful mix in September 2017.


Friday 14th August: Mark E

The king of the slo-mo chug Mark E came to Spiritland in September 2017 as part of our 1st birthday week. Here’s his mix for us.


Thursday 13th August: Jimpster

The don of deep house came to Spiritland as part of our first birthday celebrations in September 2017 and played this luscious set.


Wednesday 12th August: Charlotte Hatherley

Synth head, guitar player, Bowie fiend and the very first person to play at Spiritland – Charlotte Hatherley was always going to be part of our first birthday celebrations.


Tuesday 11th August: Jolyon Green

Jolyon Green has been with us since the earliest days, playing the most refined music there is, from ambient to spiritual jazz and all points in between.


Monday 10th August: Richard Sen

Richard Sen is known and loved for his hip-hop tinged productions as Bronx Dogs and Padded Cell, but has a DJ style that draws on techno, psych, funk and sounds further afield. Here’s his Spiritland set from September 2017.


Sunday 9th August: Andy Bainbridge & Renata Maris

Regular visitors to the booth in King’s Cross, hear Andy and Renata bring their musical worlds together in this session.


Saturday 8th August: Dom Servini

Often found in the Spiritland DJ booth, Wah Wah 45’s Dom Servini put in an appearance in August 2017 with a selection of funk, soul, disco, Afrobeat and more.


Friday 7th August – Joe Morris

Joe Morris drops some uber-Balearic beauties in this Spiritland session from August 2017


Thursday 6th August – Danilo Braca

Danilo Braca is a name well known to music aficionados. With a background in the scenes of Rome and now New York, his sound takes in Chicago, Philly, Italo and the Cosmic scene. He dropped into Spiritland for a session back in August 2017.

Tuesday 4th August – Jack Pepper

Often found behind the counter at the beloved Flashback Records, Jack Pepper plays jazz, funk, soul and rare groove from his collection.


Monday 3rd August – Nadav Ravid

Nadav Ravid is a cornerstone of Tel Aviv’s flourishing club and radio scene. He dropped into Spiritland for his first session back in August 2017.


Sunday 2nd August – Rev. Milo

Reverend Milo is a ray of musical sunshine, sent from the heavens to brighten up your day.


Saturday 1st August – Jagger & John Spencer

It doesn’t get more serious than these two. Jagger and John Spencer got in the DJ booth for a one-off back to back session back in August 2017.


Friday 31st July – James Endeacott

James Endeacott is a prime mover on London’s musical scene. He plays everything from dub to Dylan, sleaze to sacred ritual music.


Thursday 30th July – Micky Browne

Our friend from the coast comes up with a bag of magic music once again, keeping things in a very chilled mode.


Wednesday 29th July – Peter Leung

Art Director by day, Balearic aficionado by night. Hear Peter’s distinctly elegant sound here.


Monday 27th July – Ben Gomori

Ben Gomori is known as a DJ, producer and broadcaster, who touches on house of all flavours. Here he is in the dancefloor-free setting.


Saturday 25th July: Anthony Teasdale

Anthony Teasdale drops by for another session of Balearic adventures


Friday 24th July – Ali Renault & Bill Ambrose

Ali Renault runs the Vivod imprint and has been a part of Holland’s fantastic Intergalactic FM for nearly a decade. His deep electronic sound works perfectly with Bill Ambrose.


Thursday 23rd July – Judah and Femi Adeyemi

Judah and Femi Adeyemi are both masters in their field. Judah is part of the notorious Deviation and Nonsense party crews, and Femi is founder of London’s beloved NTS Radio. They go back to back here.


Wednesday 22nd July – Alex Patchwork

Alex Patchwork is a key part of the Brownswood / Worldwide family, working on the beloved Brownswood releases. Hear his take on the current jazz sound here.


Tuesday 21st July: Neil Diablo

DJ, digger and resident at Mancunia’s long-running El Diablo’s Social Club since the early 2000s, Neil Diablo brought his party shoes along for this session three years ago.


Monday 20th July: Alex Albrecht & Aaron L

Aaron L from friends of Spiritland Stamp The Wax teams up with Melbourne’s Alex Albrecht on this one-off B2B session from July 2017.


Sunday 19th July: Herminio Afonso

Herminio Afonso is the inside man on Spain’s rare soul scene. He dropped into Spiritland on his travels in July 2017.


Saturday 18th July: Toby Tobias

Toby Tobias is a killer producer and DJ – and a regular in the Spiritland booth. Hear why in this mix.


Thursday 16th July: Quinn Lamont Luke

Formerly known as Bing Ji Ling, Quinn Lamont Luke is based in New York. A former member of the Phenomenal Handclap Band and solo artist, his organic and free-spirited sound is showcased here in this mix from July 2017.


Wednesday 15th July: Iko Chérie

Iko Chérie is one of the Spiritland residents with a sound that touches on 60s pop, easy listening, chanson and more


Tuesday 14th July: Julian Mash

Author and journalist Julian Mash specialises in the pastoral, folk-y, country rock end of things. Hear him in action from July 2017


Monday 13th July: Mystic Bill

No history of dance music in the US is complete without mention of Mystic Bill, a DJ who has done much to push the sounds of Chicago and Detroit. He joined us for an eclectic set in 2017.


Sunday 12th July: Rob Smoughton

The Black Peaches main man is a regular at Spiritland – hear why here.


Saturday 11th July: Champagne Funk & Atlas

Champagne Funk & Atlas play elegant music touching on jazz, funk and soul.


Friday 10th July: Rulefinn

Oslo-based DJ and producer Rulefinn played at Spiritland when he passed through London in June 2017. Disco and Italo obscurities all the way.


Thursday 9th July: Andy Westbury

Andy Westbury runs the great Eldica Records shop, home to the rare, arcane and obscure. Here’s his Spiritland set from June 2017


Wednesday 8th July: Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor is the man behind We Are The Sunset, the long-running, uber-Balearic party. Here he is in full blissed out mode.


Tuesday 7th July: Kate Holland

Kate Holland plays immaculate disco-tinged music from her collection.


Monday 6th July: Mr Shiver

Mr Shiver is the DJ you want at your party. An unmistakable sound of London where funk, hip-hop, rare groove and more collide.


Saturday 4th July: Markey Funk

The Israeli funk collector and creative force in The Apples brings just a small slice of his insane collection to Spiritland.


Thursday 2nd July: Pete Gofton and Rob Hyde

The two distinctive collectors Pete Gofton and Rob Hyde play whatever they want – psych, krautrock, synth oddities, hairy funk and more.


Wednesday 1st July: Renata Do Valle

Originally from Brazil, now residing in NYC and owner of the wonderful Hello Sailor recon label, Renata do Valle played for us back in June 2017.


Tuesday 30th June: Justin Strauss & Phil Mison

NYC > Ibiza > LDN – two musical dons come together in sweet harmony on a balmy night in June 2017.


Monday 29th June: Trujillo

Trujillo’s journey started in Venezuela and has taken him to his base in Berlin. He dropped in to Spiritland on a London trip and played a set that outlines his musical interests.


Saturday 27th June: Earthboogie

Izaak Gray and Nicola Robinson are Earthboogie – cosmically-inclined DJs and producers with a sound that nods to Italy, Nigeria, South America and beyond


Friday 26th June: Almo

Almo is a Spiritland resident with immaculate taste in music


Thursday 25th June: Harv

Jazz supremo, heavyweight digger, record shop authority and radio broadcaster. Here’s Harvinder doing what he does best


Wednesday 24th June: Owen Clarke (Hot Chip)

Hot Chip need no introduction, and neither does Owen Clarke – this night was part of the band’s 2017 residency at Spiritland King’s Cross


Tuesday 23rd June: David Pickering

David Pickering is the man behind One Million Sunsets, an uber-Balearic mix series. He he is in full blissed-out mode.


Monday 22nd June: Jane Fitz

We were joined by electronic music royalty Jane Fitz back in May 2017. Check out her deep and unmistakable sound.


Sunday 21st June: Tony Sylvester

Tony Sylvester is regularly found at Spiritland, playing rare jazz, heavy psych, dub and more. One of the most distinctive and elegant DJs out there.


Saturday 20th June: Jim Irvin

Jim Irvin is a songwriter and artist with a deep understanding of the magic of music. Hear why we love what he does in this mix.


Friday 19th June: Siofra McComb

Siofra McComb has been a regular in the Spiritland DJ booth since early days. You can hear why in this mix.


Thursday 18th June: Ben Smith

Half of Smith & Mudd and a DJ and collector of rare taste, Ben Smith joined us in May 2017 for a night of exquisite music


Wednesday 17th June: Sam Don

Sam Don has been part of the Spiritland family since our inception at Merchants Tavern back in 2014 – here he is showcasing his refined sound from May 2017


Tuesday 16th June: Pete Herbert

DJ, producer, promoter and selector of exquisite taste – here’s Pete Herbert at Spiritland King’s Cross back in May 2017


Monday 15th June: Crofton Black

Crofton Black has a distinctive sound, digging heavily into Dub and African music and sourcing rarities from his travels. Hear him here


Friday 12th June: Rob Smoughton

Rob Smoughton is the man behind Black Peaches and a key part of Hot Chip and Script Politti’s touring bands. He’s also a heavyweight collector of the rare and funky stuff. Here’s his set from three years ago.


Thursday 11th June: Nancy Noise

The Balearic legend Nancy Noise on one of her regular visits to Spiritland – supremely lush music played from the heart


Wednesday 10th June: Raf Rundell

Selfie Boy, one half of Two Bears and all-round good guy. Here’s Raf Rundell from three years ago at our place


Tuesday 9th June: Leonidas

DJ, collector, producer and serious audiophile, Leonidas showcases his sound at Spiritland King’s Cross


Monday 8th June: Martin Green

The sound of swinging London – check out Martin Green in the days before he became our weekly resident at Royal Festival Hall


Sunday 7th June: Ulrich Schnauss

Legendary name in the world of deep electronic music, the great Ulrich Schnauss played a deep and emotion set at Spiritland King’s Cross in April 2017


Saturday 6th June: Joe Morris

Joe Morris played at Spiritland King’s Cross in April 2017 – only the good stuff


Friday 5th June: Manu Archeo

Manu Archeo is an all-round – DJ, photographer, heavyweight collector and runs Archeo Recordings, a reissue label that looms large in our world. Here he is in action from April 2017.


Thursday 4th June: Joe Lye

Our friend Joe Lye plays the lot – Balearic, Disco, Psyche, New Beat and anything else that takes his fancy


Wednesday 3rd June: Guy Dermosessian

The Kalakuta Soul main man brought his incredible sound to Spiritland from April 2017


Monday 1st June: Mixmaster Morris

A true legend and pioneer of the Ambient scene, Mixmaster Morris plays beautiful and transcendent music.

Sunday 31st May: Matt Timms

A regular face behind the turntables at Spiritland King’s Cross, Matt Timms digs deeper than most for rare musical gold


Saturday 30th May: Sean Rowley

Sean Rowley is a broadcaster, DJ and all-round musical encyclopedia with deep roots in Country, AOR, Americana, Power Pop and more. Here’s his first visit to Spiritland back in March 2017


Friday 29th May: Emotional Pop

There’s no shame in their game. Hear Cosmic Niles and Baggy do their thing at Spiritland.


Thursday 28th May: Timothy J Fairplay

Timothy J Fairplay is known for his deep, intrepid and heady sound. This is his set from March 2017 at Spiritland King’s Cross.


Wednesday 27th May: Neville Watson

Legendary DJ, house music authority and analogue production overlord Neville Watson came to Spiritland back in March 2017 for a less-jacking-than-usual set.


Tuesday 26th May: Jan Hammered

DJ, photographer, designer – hear the the smooth sound of Jan Hammered from March 2017 visit to Spiritland


Monday 25th May: James Endeacott

James Endeacott gets everywhere and knows everyone. We’ve been lucky to have him play down at Spiritland many times, Here’s his first visit from March 2017.


Sunday 24th May: Digitonal

Andy Digitonal has made his name as a producer and DJ in the very deepest end of electronica. Check out his sound here from his 2017 visit


Saturday 23rd May: Phil Mison

Balearic legend Phil Mison was there when it all began, and still as prolific and intrepid as ever. Here’s his first set from many visits to Spiritland in March 2017


Friday 22nd May: Gatto Fritto

Well known for his immaculate productions on International Feel amongst many other labels, Gatto Fritto also tends to a colossal record collection. Here he is playing in March 2017.


Thursday 21st May: Leo Zero

Illustrious digger Leo Zero joined us for another evening at Spiritland in March 2017, Take another ride through his record collection.


Wednesday 20th May: Alexis Taylor feat. Green Gartside

Alexis Taylor and Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside are two likeminded musical innovators. They came together in February 2017 at Spiritland for this one-off session.


Tuesday 19th May: Kenneth Bager

At the heart of Copenhagen’s musical scene, Kenneth Bager is a bona fide Balearic legend. Here’s his session from February 2017.


Monday 18th May: Esa

Originally from Cape Town and now resident in London, Esa’s distinctive sound has led to residencies, radio show and gigs around the world. He first played for us back in February 2017.


Sunday 17th May: Max Tundra

The musical mind of Max Tundra is a unique place – blow your mind with music you’ve never heard before.


Saturday 16th May: Mafalda

Mafalda is a serious collector with a instinctive feel for rhythm and melody. Hear her set from our early days.


Friday 15th May: Tony Higgins

Jazz authority, compilation guru and dapper dan Tony Higgins’ set from 2017.


Thursday 14th May: Youth

The legendary producer Youth first played at Spiritland in February 2017. It was LOUD. Here’s his set.


Wednesday 13th May: Steve Cobby

The Solid Doctor will see you now. Steve Cobby is Hull’s most valuable export – DJ, producer, world-class remixer and collector. Here’s his set from 2017.


Tuesday 12th May: Sam Don

Part of the Spiritland family, here’s one of Sam Don’s early sets from our King’s Cross venue.


Monday 11th May: Lovefingers

Our cosmic brother from LA dropped in way back in February 2017 for a deep and eclectic session.


Sunday 10th May: Luke Solomon

One of the greats. We were very happy to welcome the prolific DJ, producer and label boss Luke Solomon to Spiritland in 2017.


Saturday 9th May: Simon Lee (Faze Action)

Simon Lee is half of the shimmering disco dons Faze Action. He played at Spiritland in February 2017, and many times since then. Find out why.


Thursday 7th May: Jean-Claude (If Music)

Jean-Claude is the man behind If Music, London’s most civilised record store and has deep roots in London’s music scene. Hear him play in January 2017.


Wednesday 6th May: Kay Suzuki

Kay Suzuki has an uncommonly broad and eclectic ear. Hear him play dub, new wave, no-wave and music from the soul.


Tuesday 5th May: Joe Goddard

Hot Chip dude, 1 of 2 Bears, prolific DJ and producer, Joe Goddard is everywhere you turn in London’s club scene. Here he is at Spiritland all the way back in January 2017.


Monday 4th May: Phil Cooper

Phil Cooper has an untouchable role in the history of nightlife in the UK and beyond. Hear him on his first trip to Spiritland.


Sunday 3rd May: Nik Weston (Mukatsuku Records)

Mukatsuku are famed for their immaculate releases of jazz, funk and more on vinyl. Hear what Nik is about in a dip into his musical world.


Saturday 2nd May: Julian Mash

Country rock, folk, acoustic stylings and more from author and journalist Julian Mash


Friday 1st May: Nathan Gregory Wilkins

Nathan Gregory Wilkins has a totally distinctive and considered approach to his sound. Hear him in action from the early days of Spiritland


Thursday 30th April: Richard Norris

We revisit Richard Norris’s set from January 2017 as he takes us to a cosmic wonderland.


Wednesday 29th April: Pete Paphides

Paphides Plays Pop. Journalist, collector, DJ and author of the fantastic Broken Greek book we’re all reading dropped by in January 2017.


Tuesday 28th April: Piers Harrison (Soft Rocks)

Piers Harrison goes deeper than most in his musical journey. Take a ride through his record collection.


Monday 27th April: Auntie Flo

Auntie Flo has a totally distinctive sound, where contemporary electronica meets Highlife. Here is his mix from 2017 for your Monday listening.


Sunday 26th April: DJ Fitz

DJ Fitz is one of the heaviest collectors out there, playing funky Turkish prog, cosmic synth jams and rare krautrock. Here is his set for us from the early days of 2017.


Saturday 25th April: Rupert Clervaux

Musician, writer and audio engineer, Rupert joined us right at the end of 2016 for this eclectic session.


Friday 24th April: Joe Muggs

Cold Hands, Warm Heart was the concept from DJ, author and journalist Joe. Here’s what it sounds like


Thursday 23rd April: A Man Called Adam

Longtime Balearic legends A Man Called Adam came by in December with a bag of records and a couple of synths. This was the end product.


Wednesday 22nd April: Apiento and Andrew Hale

A singularly tasteful musical duo, Apiento teams up with producer and musical Andrew Hale for this session from December 2016.


Tuesday 21st April: DJ Food

DJ Food – Going deeper and wider than most, DJ Food plays a mellow and inspirational set highlighting the breadth of his tastes at his first Spiritland set in December 2016.


Monday 20th April: Dan Bean

Longterm Spiritland resident Dan Bean (Transcendence Orchestra, Bleep 43) in one of his regular appearances.


Sunday 19th April: Paradise Bangkok

With his entirely unique and esoteric musical worldview, Paradise Bangkok played in December 2016.


Saturday 18th April: Mixmaster Morris

Ambient overlord Mixmaster Morris joined us for a Sunday afternoon chillout session in December 2016.


Friday 17th April: Severino

Day One Spiritland family, Severino is usually found in the eye of the hurricane with Horse Meat Disco compadres. Here he dips into the other end of his record collection.


Thursday 16th April: Rhythm Doctor

A true DJ legend, with roots in Coventry, Birmingham, Nottingham and now Tallin, Rhythm Doctor shows you what four decades behind the decks sounds like.


Wednesday 15th April: Aficionado

Moonboots and Jason Boardman’s party Aficionado travels down from Mancunia for the first time. Feel the realness.


Tuesday 14th April: Steve Cobby

Fila Brazilia, The Solid Doctor – Steve Cobby’s musical output goes by many names, but a thread of high quality electronic funk runs through them all. Here he in action for us way back when.


Monday 13th April: Adventure In Paradise

Katie Barber and Michelle Kelly’s musical lovechild hit Spiritland for the first time in November 2016


Sunday 12th April: Charlie Bones

The daily purveyor of good vibes, every morning on NTS Radio. DO!!!YOU!!! main man digs into his bottomless collection for gold


Saturday 11th April: Leo Elstob

Cultural magpie Leo Elstob played at Spiritland in November 2016 – and has been back many times since for obvious reasons


Friday 10th April: Pete Herbert

Producer, DJ, remixer and all-round good guy. We revisit Pete’s set from November 2016


Thursday 9th April: Doug Shipton

Doug is part of the heavyweight diggers crew FINDERS KEEPERS and has the tunes to back it up. Deep and unexpected musical moves

Wednesday 8th April: Elle Andrews

Elle has a unique sound, and that’s why we love what she does.


Tuesday 7th April: DMX Krew

The one who goes by the name DMX Krew stretches out musically on this rare Spiritland session


Monday 6th April: Ruf Dug

From Mancunia via Ibiza – Ruf Dug lets us into his musical universe


Sunday 5th April: Bradley Zero & Zakia

Rhythm Section’s Bradley and Zakia play back to back action from October 2016.


Saturday 4th April: Reference Point

Mark GV Taylor and George Arthur go deep into their libraries of soft jazz, Latin, Americana, AOR and more. This was their first session for us


Friday 3rd April: Errol (Touching Bass)

Touching Bass’ main man Errol touches down for the first time at Spiritland


Thursday 2nd April: Dave Okumu (The Invisible) at Spiritland King’s Cross

Guitarist, producer and cultural catalyst Dave Okumu played for us in the very early days


Wednesday 1st April: Chris Coco at Spiritland King’s Cross – 1st October 2016

Supreme Balearic stylings from the ever-prolific Chris Coco


Tuesday 31st March: Patrick Forge at Spiritland Kings Cross – 17th September 2016

Jazz, Latin, AOR and more from the digger’s digger


Monday 30th March: Bill Brewster at Spiritland Kings Cross – 9th September 2016

As many things do, it all started with Bill Brewster – here’s a set from a very early testing night when we were still making sure everything worked.

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